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The Christmas Shoes film is based on the novel, which is based on a song, which is based on an internet legend of a kid who wants to buy a pair of shoes for his mother. A lot of Christmas films take the idea of Santa Claus’ children taking over the family business. Fresh off of the Superman films Alexander and Ilya Salkind produced this¬† film to answer the many mysteries of Santa Claus.
Christmas Every Day stars Erik Von Detten as Billy Jackson, a goofy teenager forced to relive the Christmas Day over and over again until he realizes the true meaning of Christmas. Mike and Carol fly the Brady kids with their spouse’s and their children to reunite for one big family reunion. All text and commentary are the opinions of the authors solely, and not to be attributed to any other parties. Minutes before leaving to visit her family for Christmas, her boyfriend Nic breaks up with her. Billy must make the perfect Christmas while facing a school bully, hit on the hot girl Diane, keep the old lady from eating cat food, and stop his uncle from bringing a mall into the small town.

Once dinner is over settle in front of the TV and watch any of the numerous Christmas films that will play over and over again until Christmas day. The film begins with Nick Snowden (Tom Cavanagh) who is about to become the next Santa Claus.
With help from Quark from Deep Space Nine, he finds his future bride in Helen from Wings (Crystal Bernard). Eventually Billy creates the perfect Christmas, and realizes what Christmas is all about, making the perfect jump shot in basketball. A majority of them are pretty bad, but there is nothing more satisfying than the cheesy ones.
Nick helps his future bride with her advertising job, and helps to make her believe in Santa. I know this is supposed to inspire people to remember what Christmas is all about but I’m not buying it.
Nick attempts to rescue the reindeer and falls for Sandy (the very hot Ashley Williams), who works at the zoo.

The film wants us to believe that he is the only child in all of New York that’s homeless?
In a strange next move, Melissa Joan Hart, starred in another movie where she pretends to have a boyfriends called My Fake Fiance.  I have also read that a sequel is being made Holiday in Handcuffs 2.
Nick must rescue the reindeer, screw attract the girl, and remind the kid about Santa Claus. Bobby has dropped out of grad school to become a racecar driver, and Cindy is upset that she is still treated like a little kid.

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