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Unlike most teenagers is age, 18 year old young entrepreneur Jamie Dunn already has his goals set. From the tender age of 12 where he first got his business sense and set up a market stall, he has now grown to one of the best young entrepreneurs in the country.
After establishing his stall and making a relatively good amount on it, Jamie decided to apply to the National Enterprise Academy founded by Peter Jones where he got accepted. After graduation from the academy, Jamie has gone ahead to become a mentor, speaker and coach spreading the word of young entrepreneurs and the power of believing in one self. He has also been involved with other organisations such as the Prince’s Trust and Virgin Media Pioneer where he has delivered speeches on how to involve young people in their businesses.

Jamie has his mind set and is not slowing down; he also has his own radio show in Birmingham and has hopes to develop a project that he can deliver in schools to help young people believe in themselves. Co founder of YHP, founder of IncuBus Ventures, online marketing consultant & host of one of London's top entrepreneurial events (Flagons Den). This week I caught up with James Dawson who left the corporate life to start T Plus […]Incubator vs Accelerator: what’s the difference? Founder of The Jamie Dunn Academy, the ambitious, confident young man already knows that he is going to be a millionaire by the time he is 20, just 417 days in counting.
Acceptance to the academy meant he had to move to Buckinghamshire for six months to take part in it with other 27 young entrepreneurs.

Jamie believes age should not be a factor to stop one from venturing out and doing what they believe in. The academy taught Jamie an invaluable life lesson on the message of young entrepreneurship and business skills such as sales, marketing, product design but to mention a few.

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