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Yes, you can get out of debt, save for the future, be very generous to the poor and God's work.
Your family can't, not even the government, nor your friends, nor the poverty of the country. Many want to become a millionaire by 30 but not many are ready to do the work of a millionaire. The fastest way to become a millionaire through real estate and other businesses is to be coached by a millionaire. You must study personal finance books, listen to personal development audios, attend wealth creation seminars to keep yourself updated and motivated. Stop worrying about your President or the economy condition of your country and anybody else for that matter and start focusing your energy on building a brand, building your bank account and building your future. Managing And Growing God's Resources ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. In his book, Deliverance through Expression, Jaylen writes… “It’s time that we look beyond how the world measures us and grow accustomed to a new system of belief.” He believes that patience and persistence mixed with faith and belief in God and self is the answer this current generation will embrace as the secret answer which lies BEYOND THOUGHT! Jaylen’s passion for business was apparent even at the impressionable age of eight (8) when he skillfully sold tickets to a homemade “auto-show” in his mother’s basement. Five Dollar Charlie was remarkably the very first story that he wrote at the age of five (5). At age eleven, Jaylen’s ambitions to become an entrepreneur grew stronger motivating him to create Jay’s Cards and Designs. His accomplishments include many ventures that give him bragging rights, but instead he praises God for all that he has. In 2009, Jaylen published his first book “Deliverance through Expression”, a short story with a collection of poetry.

Jaylen’s goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur by franchising his retail store, Religious Expressions, and owning his own hotel chain are clearly visible on his faith walk. Jaylen’s zeal is intriguing to watch as he works with more unction and drive than any adult.
Jaylen’s faith is so strong, that he’s learned to simply stand in the background and let God have His way. You can have that dream house, dream wife, big investment and never bother or hope on the government to support you. They build a team; share their vision with the team and the team work towards achieving the vision thereby producing money for the millionaire why they get paid.
You're going to stop watching that television every evening and start working towards becoming that millionaire that you wants to be. A native Detroiter born in 1992, he is a high school graduate of Advanced Technology Academy in Dearborn, MI. Using his ingenuity, Jaylen hung flashlights from the ceiling to create spotlights that illuminated the stage in which he showcased his model car collection.
His first published work - Freedom’s Dream - was a third grade black history paper that appeared in a Detroit newspaper. Designing flyers, business and greeting cards by hand, Jaylen began his journey of becoming a self-made businessman, receiving constant positive encouragement from his mother. Besides the encouragement he receives from his mother, Alison LaGrande, Jaylen admires the entrepreneurial spirit of his aunt Rhonda Hamilton who willingly provides her wisdom.
He speaks positive “I AMs” into his own life daily and sees himself as a best-selling author, life coach, world renowned inspirational speaker, a mentor to other young aspiring entrepreneurs and becoming a millionaire before age 26. Jaylen truly believes that when we give God complete control, His thoughts become our thoughts, His vision become our visions, and His ways become our ways, and when you do things His way, you cannot fail.

It doesn't care about your color, race, your age, family background, tribe or what class you are.
I have watched and learned from millionaires and I have come to the conclusion that millionaires before hitting the goldmine.
He is currently studying Business Management at Wayland Baptist University in Lubbock, Texas. His second published work, a poem called “Calvary”, appeared in the anthology, “Tracing the Infinite”, and won the 2003 Book Editor’s Choice Award. Its phenomenal success drew the attention of a buyer before his second edition and he sold the magazine rights. Over the years, he constantly hears his late grandpa’s encouraging words, “you’re the best”. But if you keep on blaming your financial condition on things outside yourself, you'll never become rich. He went on to open Religious Expressions - a retail store that tripled in size in less than 4 months at a major mall.
Author, Creator, Entrepreneur, Leader, Poet, Speaker and Visionary Jaylen LaGrande, has already found the key to his success and the answers to those most significant questions.

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