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At a certain point in my business, I couldn't grow any further until I hired a few key people.
When I became emotional, I'd have to check in with my confidants, telling them the brutal truth about my situations. With hundreds of inquiries every week, I need to constantly keep track of which ones are most important. There have been many sacrifices to make and obstacles to overcome, but I was determined to make it happen. In the process of reaching the 7-figure mark, I've learned dealing with people is the most important attribute. One time, I pulled a cousin over to the side at a family gathering and told him the truth about how I felt.
For years, I believed that my gift of writing could never come to fruition, even though I had so many ideas. In the process of making myself vulnerable, I was able to gain freedom, releasing myself from false pressures and anxiety.

In my amateur days, I would design my own websites, cut my own hair, and change my own oil in my car.
Time after time, this was worth it since I was learning about the world of business, shaking hands with people from all over the world. By my early 20's I became the biggest volunteer in town! My life was changed once I learned the value of giving my time, energy, money, and creativity to others. After fumbling with other credit cards, I looked behind me and there were at least 10 carts behind me. Within months I had a lawyer, editor, personal trainer, part-time chef, and other personnel. In order to become an expert, I've learned that amassing knowledge in my field requires at least four hours per day.
Some of my greatest opportunities came from philanthropic endeavors when I expected nothing from those I visited. By using great discernment, I must turn down parties, movies, award shows, speeches, and deals of all different kinds.

This means that if you take part in a purpose greater than yourself, you can achieve every goal you put your mind to!
I learned I still had to keeping show up and handle my business, despite the failures and discouragement.
Along with this, I learn from everyone I meet, studying their intent and purposes, doing my best to understand human nature. I'm sending out hundreds of emails each week and making at least a dozen calls on my busiest days.
Instead of selfishly pleasing my own desires, I sought out ways to help those who were in need.
My water was shut off that night, too, so I washed the food down with a few teaspoons of rain water!

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