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This article is about: finance, Money, PlanningAbout Peter AndersonPeter Anderson is a Christian, husband to his beautiful wife Maria, and father to his little boy, Carter. These are just some interesting concepts I plan on exploring further and incorporating into my Life Plan in one manner or another. I think part of the reason that retirement is such a big focus for people is that in this country we often work more than 40 hours a week, and have our kids in multiple activities, and spend lots of time connected to a tv or smartphone, and don’t spend much time connecting with friends and family or relaxing. Be greedy to acquire the intellectual capital This is one of the lessons in 37 Lessons to Help You Live a Life that Matters.
Please use your real name and note that I reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments. Why do we work hard for 45 years toward this arbitrary goal that was established in a time when on the average people only lived to be 63? I may change careers or do more volunteer type opportunities, but I think I’ll be working in one way or another til I die. If you’ve been a good steward and have saved and given then why not leave it for your kids?
If we could just get every high schooler to graduate understanding that you start investing what you can, as soon as you can, we would be a nation full of millionaires! Just continue with what you are doing and you will soon be one of the millionaires of our country.

You can still match even exceed those who start earlier by getting more of the other two factors: acquiring more intellectual capital by being more hungry, or putting your knowledge into practice more diligently.
The Internet is a vast repository of knowledge in which hunger is the most important determinant of how much you can get.
I have my doubts about that one, especially in this day and age that a lot more people than ever before have easy access to an incredible amount of knowledge.
It implies that the value of what we have learned will decrease over time because of the creation of new knowledge. I’m now trying to restructure my life and determine a new direction doing something I love. If I don’t have enough saving, then it would be very difficult to leave a steady paycheck.
If you train up your kids properly and instill in them solid financial wisdom then there’s a good chance your kids will honor and take that inheritance to bless others. Those who have knowledge rule, and those who want to rule (or even just survive) have no other choice but to have knowledge. It should be relatively easy for you to surpass those who embraced the Internet earlier but not as hungry as you.
How about instead we have seasons in our lives where we take some downtime and make some changes, but then continue working until we either are totally unable, or until we die?

But anyway, you’ve gotta start somewhere, so it’s important to invest what you can as soon as you can! As I wrote in How to Develop Your Ideas Exponentially, the more ideas you have the more ideas you will generate.
Consequently, the faster your account will grow.Remember, an account with zero interest rate will never see the power of compound interest.
Of course, never forget to always be generous as well, and never allow a pursuit of wealth or money to become the end goal.
Why not buy them some nice things while they are alive, or take a nice family trip together with the kids and grand kids?
Being intellectually hungry is a must if you are to become a millionaire of knowledge.

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