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I must say, I’m amazed at the amount of this misinformation flying every which way in our society. He loses his job at Starbucks for dropping muffins on the floor, and starts working at Home Depot – but every month he habitually puts $100 into mutual funds.
In my mind, there’s just no excuse for anybody born in Canada NOT to retire as a millionaire.
Next time you hear somebody going off about how average people can’t get ahead, think of Arthur. France's controversial "millionaire tax" is set to become law, allowing the government to levy a 75% tax on companies that pay salaries in excess of a‚¬1 million.
President FranA§ois Hollande introduced the tax as a way to force the rich to help France shrink its massive budget deficit and support the sagging economy. Consolation prize winners in the Courts Guyana Big Prize Millionaire poses with representatives of the furniture and household appliances giants. IT was all fun and excitement yesterday at the Courts Guyana Main Street Store as lucky customers, special invitees and curious onlookers gathered to witness the second hosting of the entity’s ‘ Become a Millionaire Promotion’.
After much deliberation by 12 lucky customers and much yelling by excited spectators, it was Cliff Wilson of Kaburi Street, Ituni District, Upper Demerara River who was declared the lucky Courts Millionaire.
Each week 12 lucky customers will be selected by a special drawing, and from pricking balloons placed in the roof of the store, one person wins $1M, while 11 others win fantastic consolation prizes. Deodatt Seodatt of Parika Back Dam won himself Frigidaire Refrigerator valued at $169,999, while Abudul Thair took home a Island Home set valued at $779,999. Steven Persaud of 93, Third Avenue, Bartica won a two piece sectional suite valued at $119,999, while Carrol Gilgeours of Lot 1, Public Road, Prospect, Mahaicony managed to cart off a two piece sectional suite also. After pricking his balloon, Clifford Henry of Lot 298, Long Creek, Soesdyke was awarded with a 32-inch television and sound bar valued at $129, 998.
Mahendra Singh of Lot 47, Sheriff Street, Campbellville, Georgetown won for himself a Whirlpool Gas Stove valued at $139,999, with Verna Stoll of 229, New Housing Scheme, Charity, Essequibo taking home a refrigerator.
Gordon Trim of 74, Crane Housing Scheme was very ecstatic when he won for himself a Whirlpool Washer, and Mohan Deonarine of 108 Fourth Street, Uitvlugt was equally happy after winning a 32 inches television. May 12, 2015 By David Thompson Leave a Comment Is your dream how to become a millionaire?
The problem with most of them is that it is a wish or hope because there is no idea, no plan and no strategy. You hear the stories all the time of lottery winners buying new luxury cars for themselves and everyone in their family. So how does it happen that 85%, yes that’s right, 85% of them are dead broke or in debt within 5 years. When you set out on your journey of how to become a millionaire, do you look at the that big number or do you break it down. I was working in a business where I had to have 358 people on my team to earn $3,587.50 commission. If you want to make a million  look small click on this link and see how a franchise style business model is making people look with EYES wide open.
Say I love you to your significant other multiple times a day for years and you end up with a bigger result in your relationship.
Stop thinking in terms of how to make money off of people, instead look at how to make money by serving people.
If you want a franchise style business model based on serving people value and experience then click the link now and discover how to become a millionaire with the compound effect mindset.
Here is a franchise style business model that gives you the exact formula that others have proven works. I help anyone in any business at any level of experience create profits through internet marketing using the right tools resources and mindset. September 20th, 2013As the intro to Shark Tank says, Robert Herjavec is the son of immigrant factory worker.
If you’re not born wearing a top hat and a monocle, your destiny in life is to be poor, and to work till you drop dead.

Arthur goes back to school, picks up a trade and becomes a plumber – yet still every month puts away that hundred bucks into his investments. Arthur, the average kid with no special skills and very questionable skills of handling muffins, no rich parents, no lottery winnings or Google fortunes, retires as a millionaire and lives happily ever after with Cindy occasionally visiting his kids.
And I’m pretty sure everybody knows that saving over time can turn money into more money, but not everybody understands how drastically time can help you. How an average young adult with some determination can become a millionaire – just by sacrificing few dollars a day to save that $100 at the end of the month. It had originally been created as a tax on individuals, but was eventually shifted to a tax on companies paying high annual salaries.
Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. Customers are required to spend $5,000 or more on purchases to become eligible to vie for the cash prize and the consolation prizes if they are selected.
George Garnette of 24, Melanie Damishana won himself Whirlpool Gas Stove valued at $139,999.
Taking home an Apple Ipod with a cash value of $84,999 was Bhagwanttie Tambarin who was collecting the item on behalf of her husband John Tambarin. Is always looking for an opportunity to reward their customers for their loyal patronage throughout the years, and the ‘Big Prize Promotion’ is one such gesture, as it allows customer to win and become a ‘.Courts Millionaire’.
How to become a millionaire is not about luck, unless, you were lucky when you bought a lottery ticket and won millions. Start with a goal that you believe is going to stretch you beyond your comfort zone and then you grow from there.
Its the principle that if you do a lot of little things each day that it will compound and you end up with a big result. One of the simple strategies to figure out how to make money is first to connect with who you are, what do you want and who do you want to become.
If you just think of yourself as a consumer (because you are ) how do you like to be treated and then treat people like that. Its okay to make money, and profit is not a dirty word as long as you give great value in exchange. What if he offered to give you tools, training, coaching and support to help learn how to become rich. It is simple, because others have done it and they are ready to pass on their knowledge to you. I’m not going to say work hard because if you find something you love to do its not work.
His family immigrated to Canada from Yugoslavia to escape communism, arriving via boat in Halifax, Nova Scotia and eventually settling in Toronto.
Lottery and inheritance are the only legit ways for an average person to become wealthy and retire with dignity. May be decided to take a couple of years off after high school to find himself – whatever that means. Not a big amount of money, average young adult pays a little bit more in cell phone fees these days.
He even moves out, and meets a very special girl named Cindy and they settle down, have babies, move a few times, have a few fights but make up, go on vacations, fill up a few albums with photos, and finally turn 65.
The only thing Arthur had going for him was time – and time turned his monthly $100 into a million bucks. The selection is done after names would have been pulled from a rotisserie prior to the different legs of the event.
For people who have never had to EARN it they think a million or even 5 million can last forever. I know we are taking about money in this article but the compound effect works in all areas of your life. Stop looking at ideas that promise you to how to become rich quick and with virtually no work.

When you serve people you create value and a customer experience that they will share with others.
There will be challenges but you really don’t want it easy because you need to be ready for what life throws at you,right!
The only way around is to get lucky and get yourself a union job with pension unless you can invent Google or Facebook. In our minds, there are two worlds – world of poverty and average everyday struggle, and a magical world of wealth. Arthur takes $100 every month (or $50 every time he gets paid), and puts it into mutual funds. His family barely spoke English, and his mother lost the family savings to a smooth talking vacuum salesman.
Not to sound morbid, but do you really want to live your life waiting till your well-to-do uncle decides to expire? Not exactly a high paying glamorous position, but Arthur is a down to Earth guy and isn’t high maintenance. He’s not a financial nerd by any stretch of imagination, he simply buys them every month without changing his lifestyle or making big sacrifices. Robert made up his mind then and there to never let his family be taken advantage of again.Robert had one suitcase, no prospects, $20 to his name, and did not speak English but he didn't let that stop him. The tax will apply for two years -- 2013 and 2014 -- and will not be allowed to surpass 5% of a company's annual revenue. Widely known as an entrepreneurial expert, Robert's business advice has appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines as well as on Shark Tank.
The tax is not ultimately expected to be a big money-maker, with the French government estimating the tax will affect roughly 470 companies. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. He launched BRAK Systems, his first technology company, which he sold to AT&T in 2000 for $100 million. But after three years, the desire to build another technology company from scratch hit again and this time he wanted to build a billion dollar business. So yes, this is highly symbolic." France's Presidential wine up for auction The tax proposals prompted a severe backlash from high-profile business people, movie stars and soccer clubs. The Herjavec Group is an IT security and infrastructure integration firm in the business of computer security and information storage for enterprise and government. Herjavec has called his company a "mini IBM".Given his ability to net huge sums of money when he sells his companies, it is only natural to wonder when Herjavec might sell this latest enterprise. The Herjavec Group is well on its way, with over 160 employees and $52 million in revenue in just the first quarter of 2012. For perspective, in 2003, the company consisted of just three people.Herjavec believes his most valuable resource is time and despite his commitment to Shark Tank, he continues to run his company day to day. Shark Tank films just 20 days a year, freeing him up to devote himself to building that billion-dollar business.Robert Herjavec is a self made millionaire with a net worth of $100 million.
But it's not all work for Robert, he owns a Ferrari racing team that races all over North America.
That seems like a natural fit for this entrepreneur who has lived his life at full throttle with his eye on the prize. Still, Herjavec has said that if he could do anything differently, he'd have dreamed bigger.

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