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You CAN control your actions, so look at your daily habits and make sure they coincide with you attaining your definition of success. I love this Habit Poem.  I have it on the cupboard at eye level in my kitchen so I see it multiple times per day. Worse yet, if clients quit before they're delighted, the entrepreneur won't maximize their number of all-important testimonials, case studies and viral buzz - the stuff that makes for a friction-free marketing and sales engine.
However, there are some entrepreneur coaches who really are good at coaching and most of their clients are quite happy and loyal. When you reach the sweet spot, you aren't desperate to make new sales and you don't cling to your old clients, trying to squeeze out a few more more dollars. Marketing programs help entrepreneurs communicate and sell to clients, but are useless when it comes to the critical skill of getting coaching results and keeping clients.
And most coaching schools will only get you started on becoming a professional coach - who may never get clients.
Turn your five-figure business into a six-figure coaching business and turn your six-figure business into a seven-figure coaching business: Become a Master Coach.

The Entrepreneurial Coach* usually has a strong business, marketing and sales background and either a juicy niche or a smoking hot specialty. Unless clients experience fantastic results quickly, or at least maintain their motivation long enough to experience extraordinary results, they tend to drop out of coaching within a few months. The Professional Coach*, on the other hand, has great coaching skills, either from decades of coaching or from a few years of coach-specific training.
And there are professional coaches who get it when it comes to marketing and sales, so they're not desperate to get and keep clients. The Sweet Spot: This is the coach who has the skill to produce awesome results quickly and to keep producing results for months or even years. You naturally meet your own needs and you can focus all your energy on meeting your clients' needs and helping them get what they want. Everything we do at School of Coaching Mastery is designed to move our coaching students into the sweet spot by helping them become masters, faster. At SCM, we give away that part of our program for free and focus our real attention on helping our paid members become masters and enjoy that sweet spot, sooner.

That means the entrepreneur coach has to constantly close new sales just to maintain a good income. To reach the coaching sweet spot, your needs must be met, so you can focus all your energy on helping your clients get those awesome results. Of course, those ever important testimonials, case studies and viral buzz come easily to this coach. It's way harder to maintain a sustainable coaching business when you have to focus on your own needs instead of clients' needs.

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