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Synateq has the experience and software solutions to help you grow and adapt your business. I went to a conference last week with another 20 people and we stayed at a hotel on the peripheral of the city centre.
The chef strolls in 20 minutes later swinging a shopping bag casually looking like he couldn’t care less. Later that day, I saw the housekeeping staff dragging linen bags down the corridor looking uninterested and with no spring in their steps. I left there joking with the others about the Fawlty Towers comparison, and stayed at another hotel near the airport in preparation for an early flight. Welcoming staff who were well trained in customer service knew exactly how to make people feel special and important to the hotel. So, now my humour at the local Basil Fawlty was being seen through the filter of the well run place that understood their customers, and had training, systems and processes in place to make the place run like clockwork while making customers feel valued and welcome. We spend a lot of time focusing on systems and processes to drive efficiency and cost control behind the scenes.

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Finally, Nathanael offered some practical advice for what a coffee shop owner can do now to start dramatically improving customer service and driving more revenue. I have to say the experience was kind of like staying at Basil Fawlty’s hotel if you remember that series. He and the manager then have a stand up argument in the kitchen, and then appear at the tables with artificial smiles, but all too late, we needed to start our agenda for the day.
But this whole experience made me acutely aware of just how important customer facing systems really are regardless of what industry you are in. In fact, ita€™s important to tell employees that the people theya€™re serving are their customers too. Let me share a recent personal customer experience that brought home sharply the negative impact of poor customer service and why I was inspired to write this.
Competent restaurant staff who could explain each dish and service that was fast and efficient.

We can have the best products, the best location, the best price, but nothing is more important than staff who understand your customers, well developed customer service systems and an attitude that is welcoming and makes customers feel valued and important.
Also, remember that every moment is not necessarily a teaching moment- if someone likes their coffee with cream and sugar and you dona€™t think thata€™s the right way to drink it, let it go. Found the manager who arrived in his suit and rang the chef who, it turned out, was still in the supermarket buying supplies. Manager goes into panic and sets up coffee and cereal, drops things in the kitchen, achieves not much, but notably fails to apologise.

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