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Bryant McGill is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, and speaker in the fields of human potential, personal empowerment, and social entrepreneurship. Bryant's writings and aphorisms have been published by Oprah's Lifeclass, The Chopra Center, Simon & Schuster, Random House, HarperCollins, Wiley, McGraw Hill, and Writer's Digest. As a self-help and positive psychology thought-leader, McGill's works have been endorsed by the former president of the American Psychological Association and have appeared in Psychology Today, in meditation programs by Deepak Chopra, and in Chicken Soup for the Soul. McGill is on a quest to prove that life is still beautiful, and that all people have the power to have a better life and world — NOW. Several years ago I decided to start repelling negativity. I realised it never solves anything and that if I ever thought I could solve anything through negativity I was buying into an illusion. Whenever negativity arose I discovered I was defending an illusion or making a conscious choice to be offended and yet even with this knowledge negativity can still arise. Dropping the past can be a challenge; moving on can be difficult yet to constantly relive negativity is like biting into a rotten apple and moaning about the day you bit into a rotten apple over and over again. One of the problems I feel we face as humans is believing happiness and unhappiness, positive and negative are switches we can flick on or off permanently.
I think the real key is awareness – recognising how and why you feel like you do and why you are having the thoughts you are thinking. Negative thoughts can leave you feeling drained and unhappy and have been said to have an adverse affect on your health. A great tip for seeing the positive is to review your day last thing at night and contemplate where improvements could have been made. There are hundreds more Mind Maps, illustrations and drawing tips planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips.

Also available: E-Books designed to help you create stylish and artistic mind maps of your own.
If you know someone who could benefit from this post and others here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog please share with them. His prolific writings and small aphorisms have been published in hundreds of books and thousands of works by other authors and thought leaders. McGill was the subject of a front-page cover story in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, has appeared in Forbes, and was listed as one of, "the greatest leaders, writers and thinkers of all time." in Inc.
McGill's work has been referenced and published by educational authorities such as the dean of NYU School of Medicine, Dartmouth University, The George Lucas Educational Foundation, and have been implemented into a campus installation at Bangkok University.
I chose to drop fiction, reduce television and newspaper reading and focus on positive literature. What I have found is that by reading uplifting and inspiring books and quotes on a daily basis positive thinking is far more powerful than negative. Recognise negative thoughts and the triggers causing them and remember mood fluctuations are temporary. Begin helping others more and see what a transformation in yourself there is when you help to make others happier. Reduce incoming negativity by eradicating triggers and pay more attention to the words and thoughts you are using. Take responsibility for controlling your negative thoughts and reactions and if within your power make positive changes. His writings are regularly used in the curriculum at the university level and have received positive reviews from professors at Columbia, Stanford and NYU.

I began to contemplate the roots of negativity by enquiring into why it occurred and what lead me to think negative thoughts. I found reading uplifting and inspiring books and quotes changed my outlook dramatically and often in an instant.
What I also noticed is that if I am the one reading the uplifting ideas – I am also the one making the changes. In an official Congressional commendation, the nation's leaders applauded McGill's, "highly commendable life's work," as a Goodwill Ambassador for World Peace, and his thoughts on diplomacy have been featured by President Clinton's Foundation. I looked at how negativity becomes a habit; how beliefs and opinions can result in programmed reactions and how often negativity was a learned response. When ready, letting go can happen instantly; you can be in the same minute and everything changes.
So you could say that you are attaching to a thought rather than something that happened in the past. Bryant has appeared in programs with Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey, and in a Desmond Tutu endorsed PBS Special with Jack Canfield. In a split second flash negativity about anything in the past can drop away whether 20 years ago, 1 year ago, 1 week ago, 1 day ago or 1 minute ago. He has delivered speeches with the Los Angeles Mayor's Office, the Chief of the LAPD, the United Nations, and with Dr.

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