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So you might want to know what I have been busy doing, and yes, some of it is entrepreneurial in nature so should be looked at from the viewpoint of this blog. Firstly, I have been busy at Valencia Property of course as always although August was very dead.
I am happy to say that there is going to be a second magazine too about International Property and the great deals that are available all over the World for property investors. I have been continuing to write on Houses For Sale In Spain of course but again less than before. And just to finish off some quotes from Warren Buffett (Apparently) Just forget the mistyping of “Excellent” in the title!
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I haven’t put up much new stuff here recently because I am finding that a lot of the things I am writing about are not massively relevant for this blog. September has started very well with lots of clients and work and it is looking good for October and towards the end of the year too.
The Spanish Property Magazine is working really well and positioning itself well in a market that is almost virgin territory.
The app is being prepared right now and should be ready within a couple of weeks depending on Apple. This is because of the lull in the market meaning that there have not been as many properties coming into the agency recently, another job that needs outsourcing I think to make the greatest possible effect.
A busy time within a lull and I even managed to get on two holidays this summer to France and Asturias so as you can see the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle for all of us Jamaican Snowboarders here in Spain* can work, you just need to keep working at it and never ever stand still.

Once there the inApp purchases of the magazine will take another couple of weeks so I estimate it will be ready in about a month. When I show people how the app and the magazine within it work and what it does they are blown away comparing it with other agencies.
This is the future of publishing and it also works really well as a check move with clients.

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