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There is a great article that was recently written by Edutopia that discussed the four basic ingredients that a program targeted to mentoring at-risk youth should have.
Caring and Stable Relationships: Teachers are often some of the first mentors that our youth have, and a major challenge that we face with our education system is retaining teachers. Help Set Attainable Goals: Students often look up to celebrities and athletes in our society and set goals based on what these individuals have achieved. Offer Guidance: Our youth need mentors that can help to guide them towards achieving their goals and overcome obstacles along the way. Create Engagement in Both School and the Community: You can help your mentee to become engaged by recognizing his or her positive contributions in these areas.
Over My Shoulder Co-Founder Grammy Award Winner Patti Austin singing our mentoring song Over My Shoulder in honor of Dr. Happy Birthday to our fabulous partner Jon Butcher who never hesitates to share his time,wisdom & expertise.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Search Institute has been doing research on elements for healthy youth development for decades. The other 20 Developmental Assets are skills, values and beliefs that young people also need to fully engage with and function in the world around them. In addition to a mentor being trusting and caring, it is imperative that they are a stable and reliable figure for our youth. Sometimes these goals are not always realistic, and a good mentor should help guide his or her mentee towards more reachable goals. You may have heard of the 40 Developmental Assets that have been used in communities and by mentors, parents and programs to pay attention to what kids need to grow up healthy.
Youth can acquire these internal assets through observing others, learning the skills and having opportunities to practice these assets and reflect on them with thoughtful adults and peers.

He is mad that he can’t go and tells you it is because his mom wants him to stay home and watch his little brother. One of the best ways to correct this problem is to expose these at-risk youth to positive role models, which is why we are now seeing a number of mentoring programs appearing to help address this issue. 20 of the 40 can be wrapped around young people from the outside and fall in these 4 categories.
But instead of turning it on, the mentor waits, then aims the beam of a flashlight at the switch. During the party with all the other 3rd graders, Jessica spilled juice on her Valentines and had to throw them all away.

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