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We’ve told you before here how easy it is to enter into the Draft Kings Millionaire League. That kid right there walked away from last week’s Millionaire League a whole lot richer, and all he did was pick a team — made up of one QB, two RBs, three WRs, and one TE, Flex and Defense — choosing players from Sunday’s and Monday’s games, and deposited $27 per lineup. When he's not writing about sports here or ranting about them on Twitter, Jim is probably watching X-Files on Netflix or drinking a beer somewhere.
With a pool of $2,000,000 and an entry fee of $27, that means there are at least 74,000 entries.
We’ve told you how simple it is and about the insane prizes you can win with just a small deposit.

They should just give everyone who picks a shitty team their money back… or better yet just give everyone who signs up a million bucks! His money came from a prize pool of over $2,000,000, where the top 15,500 lineups win money. The entry fee is only $27, and first time depositors at DraftKings receive a 100% bonus up to $600. They make it real easy and hassle free, so you can do all the stressing after you pick your team. And you don’t even have to deposit first to pick your lineup, so you can fiddle around with the whole thing commitment-free.

Go ahead and PICK YOUR TEAM before the early games start on Sunday, and who knows, maybe we’ll be posting your Tweets next time.

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