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Arrested for unbelievably answering all twelve questions on the Indian game show, "Who Will Win a Billion?" semi-literate waiter Ram Mohammad Thomas explains to his lawyer how he knew the answers due to events in his personal life. February 23, 2009 • Indian author Vikas Swarup wrote the novel Q and A, the inspiration behind the film Slumdog Millionaire. Note: Book excerpts are provided by the publisher and may contain language some find offensive.
The lights are progressively dimming, till only the red signs showing EXIT remain, glowing like embers in the darkened hall.
He can count the veins on Armaan's biceps, he can see the whites of Armaan's hazel-green eyes, the fine stubble on Armaan's cleft chin, the little black mole on Armaan's chiseled nose. We are told how to come first at school and become champions in cricket by eating cornflakes for breakfast.
He knows the names of the production manager, the finance controller, the sound recordist, and all the assistants. He doesn't speak English very well, but he can read names, even the ones in really small print. But if you were to see the concentration on his face right now, you would think he was watching the First Day First Show with black-market tickets. The moment he spotted Armaan, he jumped down from the speeding vehicle, narrowly missing being run down by a car, and ran toward the actor, who was passing through the hotel's revolving door. He was stopped by the tall, strapping uniformed guard and prevented from entering the hotel. He gave a faint smile, a barely perceptible nod of acknowledgment, and continued walking into the lobby.
Salim forgot all about the tiffin and came racing home to give me the news of his dream having come true.
I probably won't wash it for a month after that." I reflect on how good it is to have simple, uncomplicated ambitions. In between he falls in love with the heroine, Priya Kapoor, an up-and-coming actress, sings six songs, and fulfills his beloved mother's wish by taking her on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Vaishno Devi. He will deal with his troubles in his own way." "At least I will send him a gift," says Salim. With love and care." Salim wraps it up in cloth and sends it to Armaan Ali's home address.
Whether it was broken by the postal department, smashed by the security guards, or trashed by Armaan's secretary. The important thing is that Salim believes it reached his hero and helped to heal his wound.

It made Armaan whole again and enabled him to resume giving blockbusters, such as this one. Salim always goes to the one on the extreme right, and I always take the sole urinal on the left side wall.
I spit into my hand and try to remove the extra letters, but they have been written with permanent black marker and refuse to budge. Eventually I use my nails to scratch them off the wall and succeed in restoring the graffiti to its original state, just as I had inscribed it four months ago: I LOVE PRIYA. Armaan and Priya will now sing a song in Switzerland, before Priya is murdered by a rival gang. Then Armaan will kill hundreds of bad guys in revenge, expose corrupt politicians and police officers, and finally die a hero's death. It is impossible to see his face, but I can make out that he is an old man with a long, flowing beard.
He is craning forward in anticipation of the love scene between Armaan and Priya which is about to begin. The song and dance over, he is now sitting in his hotel room, where a crackling fire burns in the fireplace. We hear the sound of running water and Priya humming a tune, and then we see her in the bath.
I hope she will also use it on her ample chest and make all the bubbles disappear, but she disappoints me. Priya undoes the buttons on his shirt, and Armaan slips out of it languidly, exposing his manly chest.
We are shown the swell of her breasts, her heavy breathing, the perspiration forming on her forehead. I could buy only ten from the newsstand." I grab a copy that has not yet been mangled.
Shirke discussing the scurrilous accusations made against Armaan in this issue." "Like what?" "That Urvashi left him because he could not satisfy her. That he is gay." "So?" "You think they can abuse my hero in this fashion and get away with it? Remember, dying an honorable death is better than living a coward's life." Armaan's head is in his mother's lap. Remember, dying an honorable death is better than living a coward's life." The mother is crying too as she cradles his bleeding head in her lap. I see another mother who kisses her baby many times on his forehead before placing him in a clothes bin, rearranging the clothes around him.

The man leaps out of his seat with a strangled cry and dashes toward the exit, which is hardly twenty feet away. The man rushes past the black curtains to the red EXIT sign, slams open the door, and disappears. This time he does not see the names of the publicity designer and the PRO, the light men and the spot boys, the fight director and the cameraman.
When Salim and I used to live in a chawl in Ghatkopar." "And do you realize the significance of what you have just recounted to me?" "What?" "That if this incident was made public, it could destroy Armaan Ali, end his film career. Should we see the first question?" Smita nods her head and presses PLAY on the remote.
The hall is illuminated by one spotlight in the center, where I sit in a leather revolving chair opposite Prem Kumar. Three, two, one, you're on." The signature tune comes on, and Prem Kumar's booming voice fills the hall.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to find out Who Will Win a Billion!" The studio sign changes to APPLAUSE. Prem Kumar says, "We have three lucky contestants with us tonight, who have been selected at random by our computer. Contestant number two is Professor Hari Parikh from Ahmedabad, but our first contestant tonight is eighteen-year-old Ram Mohammad Thomas from our very own Mumbai. Thomas?" "I am a waiter in Jimmy's Bar and Restaurant in Colaba." "A waiter! Tell me, how much do you make every month?" "Around nine hundred rupees." "That's all?
I am supposed to "vibe" and be "entertaining" during the "small talk." I should have said I will buy a restaurant, or a plane, or a country.
Now we all know that Armaan Ali and Priya Kapoor have formed one of the most successful screen pairings of recent times. But can you name the blockbusting film in which Armaan Ali starred with Priya Kapoor for the very first time? Was it (a) Fire, (b) Hero, (c) Hunger, or (d) Betrayal?" The music in the background changes to a suspense tune, with the sound of a ticking time bomb superimposed over it.

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