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It can be hard to define what a life coach does when there are so many different areas of life that can benefit from coaching. In horror films, all you really have to do is create a vulnerable main character, and suddenly everything that happens to them, or NEAR them, is scary. Now I’m not suggesting we all become 80-pound blue leukemia patients who talk about ourselves in the 3rd person.
Wishing won’t make it happen-writing down a goal is the first action you can take to conquer procrastination. This is the only way you can stay focused enough to keep moving toward your long-term goals.
This is one of the essential functions of a life coach: helping you to set and attain goals, and holding you accountable along the way. However, life coaching is generally more effective if you focus on one or two areas at a time. Choose a problem area you would like to see resolved or improved, then take that first big step by finding and hiring a life coach who can help you accomplish what you need to accomplish. Ruth Gordon simply makes phone call and we clasp our hearts in fear for frail, pregnant Rosemary. What elevates a punchline-based comic who sometimes delivers giggles when the crowd is in his demographic to a professional stand-up, the kind who entertains audience members of all races and ages and income levels, is personal vulnerability.

Your goals and your attention will shift from one project to the next, year after year, if you don’t have a vision to guide you. One research study discovered that people who write down their goals earn ten times more than people who don’t.
Without a series of clearly-defined milestones to measure your progress, you can delude yourself into thinking that you’re moving toward a goal when in fact you haven’t taken the first step yet.
If you are a life coach yourself, this article may give you some insight into what people are looking for so that you can begin to target them and add more value to your existing clients.
So, if you are looking to hire a life coach, chances are you will find the perfect coach for your needs. Tony Robbins, a famous coach and coach trainer, recently started coaching New York Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck. But if you don’t care about anything, you never give anyone the opportunity to have your back. A vision is simply a statement of what you want to achieve in life, and how you plan to achieve it.
You may think you have a goal, but if you haven’t written it down, research suggests your chances of accomplishing it are small. Also, if you are a life coach, but not already advertising your particular niche or expertise, you need to start now!

Tony didn’t need to be a football expert or sports coach in order to help Tuck boost his confidence and bounce back from previous failures. No matter how many tricks he plays or problems he causes, Gollum wears his weaknesses for all to see.
Artists and actors and writers… we tend to show our emotions more readily, and often regret it.
Do you make up reasons to justify why you didn’t finish an important task, rather than tackling it and getting it done? I’ve been taken advantage of, tricked by acquaintances, robbed by a friend, and had my heart broken more times than I will ever admit to.
And without a clear statement of your vision, you’re more likely to give up on projects in the face of difficulties. And it’s that vulnerability that makes an audience feel pain, yearn for success, and root for a character despite his flaws.

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