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The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) carries out coaching clinics and programs though it’s Member Partners. All Head Coaches coaching Bantam, Midget, Junior 'A' teams that compete in Interprovincial or National Championships or the highest level as determined by the Branch, must be High Performace 1 'Certified'.
Based on this policy, the OHF ran five (5) clinics in the summer of 2014, three (3) in the summer of 2015 and will have two (2) clinics available this summer. After completing eight (8) HP1 clinics over the past calendar year, the OHF will be hosting two (2) during the summer of 2016.  Both clinics will be done over a 4 day stretch. Throughout the process, coaches will be provided information and tasks which will challenge them with the ultimate goal of furthering key skills including critical thinking, problem solving, interacting, valuing and leadership. HP1 applications can now be filled out online. Coaches will have the ability to rank in order what seminar they would like to attend. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me to improve and I would love to take HP 2 with you guys as well. Here are six of the most important points to consider before you buy your hockey skates, including common misunderstandings and frequent mistakes.
Buying the top manufacturers model of skate may not be the best choice of skate to buy, for you. Manufacturers make several models of skates to accommodate different levels of skating and the different physical sizes of skaters, as well as to cover many price points. If you're not physically heavy enough to deal with the stiffness of the skate it won't matter how much money you pay, your skating performance will suffer. The ideal fit, length wise, has been achieved when you are standing in a skate that is laced up. This can be a tough one because the younger skaters want what their favorite player is wearing. The Bauer Vapor XX or CCM PRO or what ever the model might be, is not the same skate as what the general public are able to purchase. A skate has a very specific shape that is relative to the length of the foot going into it.

How a skate fits in the first few minutes of putting it on compared to how it fits after spending some time to warm the boot up can make a dramatic difference.
For complete and accurate information on which certification is required to be a team official – i.e.
As we would like to be able to accommodate all requests, this may be difficult to do based on the number of coaches who require this certification. Finishing the assignment has given me the chance to reflect back on the course and to think about what it has meant to me.
Don, I hope you like my written assessment, it 100% reflects my product on the ice this year.
Purchasing a model of skate that matches those two criterions, can dramatically increase your skating performance, and save you money.
A rule of thumb to use is that a skate will always fit a size, to a size and a half, smaller than your shoe size. The bottom line with this is that the skates that the general public is able to buy off the shelf, are not the same as what an NHL player is wearing. The really big skate that feels good in the store, will come back to haunt you almost every time. If you purchase a skate that is the wrong length, nothing about the shape of the foot will line up with the boot.
Give yourself at least an hour, so you can walk around the store and get a feel for the boot as well as warm it up. He is recognized internationaly in the skating industry as a'skate fit for performance' Expert.
Please make note: Clinic acceptance will be based on the level you are currently or will be coaching the following year. In the business of teaching and coaching we work at a breakneck pace and never really get much chance for reflection or a chance to receive genuine feedback from our clients. Depending on how you fit your running shoes, a skate may even occasionally be as much as two sizes smaller.

When you bend your knees slightly (like when you skate) the toes will pull completely away from the front of the toecap. Patrick and his staff service all levels of hockey and figure skaters, including many NHL hockey players,Olympic and world class figure skaters. Having spent a lot of time following the Indian team during the last two years, I have a good understanding of the goalkeepers strengths and weaknesses.The 37-year-old Staniforth has worked as goalkeeping coach with the South African national side for three years. He has also worked with Riverside Hockey Club and Dave Staniforth Academy as goalkeeping coach. First, I am very grateful you accepted me into the course when I disclosed I was coaching Minor Peewee this year.
He also holds an FIH Certificate in International Goalkeeper Coaching and has done two other Coaching Courses - Irish Hockey Association Level 1 and English Hockey Association Level 2.As a player, Dave Staniforth has 65 international caps and has represented South Africa in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, 10th FIH Hockey World Cup in Kuala Lumpur 2002, three times FIH Champions Challenge in Kuala Lumpur 2001, Johannesburg 2003 and Alexandria 2005 and 8th All Africa Games in Nigeria 2003. Whether it was James Boyd, Paul Dennis, Steve Spott, Tom Skinner or Corey McNabb, the skill of the speakers and their willingness to help us was tremendous. Vivek Oberoi has a message for your ‘Sultan’ This mean machine is perhaps the best addition to MS Dhoni’s garage Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy bats for Raghuram Rajan, says he deserves two more terms FEATURED The Hangover effect: Guy gets drunk in Glasgow, ends up in Brazil It’s never too late to learn!
Know about Durga Kami, Nepal's Mahendra Singh Dhoni unsure whether his daughter Ziva still 2-year-old boy found dead after being attacked by alligator at Black Money: Automated Information Exchange with Switzerland seen By Bizarre!
As I was driving to the course, thinking of all the work I had to do with my own team and as a full-time high school teacher and coach, I had already decided I was just going to get through the course, hand in whatever assignment was handed out and just move on. Class XII Gujarat student checks his own answer sheet, gives The World's most expensive car tyres now available at Rs 4 cr in UAE Neglected West Bengal school seeks Sachin Tendulkar’s help, Revealed! But an hour into the seminar I realized that the opportunity that was in front of me was so rich that I had to change the way I coached and I would integrate as much of this new stuff as I could. So by the time I got home after the first weekend I had already dumped my sad little year plan and put 20 hours into redesigning a new one in Don's format.

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