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Centennial High School in Compton’s alumni include Dr Dre and baseball players Tony Franklin, Reggie Smith, and Roy White.
If its up to David Sentance, Coach Gerald Pickins or Mustafa Khan we could see an American College Cricket star from Compton or Watts.
Jodah said, “Thanks to David Sentance, Mustafa Khan,Coach Pickins, Mama Sheen & all who made this event happen. The Cricket Australia logo is seen outside of the Cricket Australia headquarters in Jolimont on June 24, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

Coach Pickins believes in the benefit of cross-training the Centennial HS Baseball team in cricket ! Now, with American College Cricket, and the support of TV Asia,Coca Cola & Dish Network, the effort to bring the game to kids in the “inner-city”, as well as connect with baseball players has been extended greatly.
We hope to continue coaching the Centennial HS Baseball team, and have them as special guests at the next American College Cricket West Coast Championship. Mickey Arthur, head coach of the Australian cricket team was sacked today, just a day ahead of the 2013 Ashes Tour.

Coach has sent over 35 players to MLB iincluding mega stars such as Darryl Strawberry,Eric Davis & Coco Crisp so he knows what’s talking  about !

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