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Coach has gone global and found itself in Singapore’s busiest and most popular shopping malls. It is currently looking for individuals who have the drive to learn and excel in the fashion business world. The internship takes place in Singapore over a length of 6 months with plenty of permanent employment opportunities after. The brand has emerged as a prominent designer, producer, and marketer of classic, modern American-styled fine goods for both women and men.

It is designed to introduce aspiring young graduates to the exciting and extremely rewarding career at a global luxury brand. It seeks to continue offering quality production, impeccable customer service, flexible innovation, and dynamic collaboration in an international setting and is inviting individuals, like you, who have the ability to lead their brand to success. Rotating across different functions in the store, you will experience the opportunity to interact with clients from all over the world.
Coach is committed to providing an environment which fosters professional growth and development of all interns.

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