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How to Become a Contestant on Family Feud; How Can I Be a Contestant for an HGTV Home Makeover?
We all want happiness in life, it is one of the fundamental principles we base our lives around, it determines how we view our day – be it good or bad, it determines the actions we make in our lives, and when we are in our later years of life, we will look back upon our lives and ponder what kind of life did I really live. Sadly there are a lot of people out there currently living a life in which they aren’t truly happy, they may live 1 or 2 happy days out of the 7 in a week in true happiness. Exercise is the best form of medication, when we exercise we release endorphins, creating an uplift in mood and clear state of mind. Find what it is you enjoy most in life, if you can turn that into your income it will never feel like work again. I know its winter, but we tend to spend far too much time inside; we begin to feel trapped, and start to live a repetitive life. Seize the moment, be grateful for all that has come into your life, stand up for who you are as an individual and live life by your design, never let others get in the way of your own success. If you are unhappy about a certain area of your life, be it your career, living environment or lifestyle in general then it is 110% up to you to make a change.

9 Times out of 10 when you improve one area of your life it can often have a ripple effect throughout the other areas of your life, so it really is up to you what area you wish to change, or if you wish to make a change at all, but I believe we are all wroth living a more happier life, and one that is all year round. Feel free to comment below, let us know what topics you want covered, or certain areas of life you are currently struggling with.
The show, taped in Atlanta, has seen a significant spike in ratings since Harvey took over hosting duties. Oh also, if you’d like a little more info on troll folklore check out the troll wikipedia page. I constantly see these 100 days of happiness challenges put about on social media, since when was it a crime to be happy 365 days per year? You will get up looking forward to what the day will bring, and go to bed excited for what awaits tomorrow. If we are not growing we feel frustration, so to ensure you are living a happy life be sure to keep moving forward, learn new skills, set new goals in life, take on bigger challenges and create growth within your life. Those interested in becoming contestants need to plan on taking a trip to Georgia's state capital if selected, although in-person auditions may take place in other cities.

It's recommended you include pictures and video of your family when applying to increase your chances of landing an in-person audition. The producers suggest playing a mock version of the game in the video as well as doing anything else to stand out and show your family's fun side. Are we really living in a world were true happiness is no longer viewed as normal on a daily basis.
You will live an unfulfilled life if you are not giving, and the secret to living is giving.
Just like a baby, it simply cannot grow up by its self; it needs the help of others to support it until it is able to look after itself.
The joy of helping others for the greater good is one of the most rewarding gifts you can have in life in exchange for your time.

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