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Check now to see if your coach has been nominated by using the ‘Select a Coach’ drop down on the right.
If your coach hasn’t yet been nominated simply click on the ‘Nominate a Coach’ button to email us their name, a brief post (about 150 words) explaining why your coach is the best and a photo, if you have one. We’ll upload your submission onto our blog site; the more votes a coach receives, the more chance they have of winning!
Then be sure to share this info with all friends, family, colleagues and team members as the coach with the most votes will win! I dance for dynamite dance and cheerleading squad and this is taught by the amazing inspiaring coach Danielle Watkins.

Perkins Slade is a trading name of Howden UK Group Limited, part of the Hyperion Insurance Group. How often do we listen to an athlete, swimmer or player being interviewed on TV, just after they have won an Olympic Gold medal or major championship, say “I owe it all to my coach”? You can also send us links to video clips – sending video and photos may help get your coach noticed and win more votes!
First of all i would just like to say how much i and the whole dynamite squad appretiate how much time and effort Danielle puts into our routines to make them as perfect as they are. Howden UK Group Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of general insurance business.

Second of all i would like to thank Danielle for making us become the perfect dance squad and also a family, all my love to Danielle Watkins xxxx :D.

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