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Derrick Grimes, a 2005 Amateur Softball Association of America Hall of Fame nominee with over 20 years experience, just completed his sixth season as assistant coach for the Lady Saluqis.
Grimes has coached the Cole Minnows summer ball team and has led the Minnows to five world championship titles, four national championship titles, and 15 state championship titles. Grimes was previously an assistant coach at Jacksonville (AR) High School, where he helped lead the Lady Red Devils to four conference titles, five state tournament appearances, two final eight finishes, and three final four finishes.

A graduate of North Little Rock High School, Grimes attended Henderson State University for four years where he was a member of the baseball team.
Grimes and his wife Janie have been married 29 years and have three daughters a€“ Somer, Whitney, and Nikki, and three grandchildren a€“ Tristan, Carter, and Derrick. Southwest Tennessee Community College, a Tennessee Board of Regents Institution, is an affirmative action equal opportunity college.

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