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One of the greatest challenges for any mental trained dancer and athlete relies on controlling the mental thoughts and internal conversations. Everyone has negative thoughts everyday, but a mental dancer and athlete knows that they are not healthy for their life and career. If you want to take a further step, write down your negative thoughts and after each one write the positive one that you want to say to yourself. Here are some of negative thoughts that dancesport and ballroom dancers may have during practice and competitions, with examples of positive ones. Don’t forget that your outcome (results, etc) are only a reflect of your mind thoughts.

What we say to ourself will immensely influence how we see our lives, how we feel what is happening around us, and ultimately how we perform.
Mostly of the times our negative thoughts are not realistic, but exaggerated, demanding, and also tending to define or categorize ourself conclusively. Writing also helps you letting the negative feelings go, and feel more light and ready to replace them by the positive ones.
Thought: I am a great dancer and I know that I will be able to perform this step very soon. Study your negative thoughts (after a main practice session and a competition) and you will find out a pattern in your thoughts.

And Learn the Top 3 Mental Techniques You Need to Know To Improve Your Performance on a Dancesport Competition IN JUST 10 MINUTES!
The next time you are feeling negative thoughts, start by replacing them for the opposite positive ones.
At the beginning you will not feel secure and confident with what you are saying to yourself, even because you may be frustrated, nervous or in any other negative feeling state (negative thoughts are usually associated with bad feelings).

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