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If you’ve been following me with my blog here, you should know that you need to have a clear goal.
I’m not going to tell you why you need to have a goal in your life or how to set an empowering goal in this article. And in this article, I’m going to share with you the idea why most people fail to achieve their goals and how you can make a different and achieve what you really want in your life. I’m not saying that you cannot set big goals or it is impossible to achieve such a big goal in a short time. The whole message of this article is this, do not set goals that are unrealistic or outside of your reach, at least not when you’re new in goal setting. You will be motivated, you will take even more action and set even higher goals in your life. Therefore, if you’re not achieving your goals, maybe this is one of the reasons for it. Have you written down your goals, visualize your achievement, affirm what you want everyday, but still you fail to achieve them?
They did not take enough action and did not put in 100% commitment to make their goals come true.
And the only difference between the rich and the poor is this, the rich ALWAYS stay motivated and inspired to achieve what they want. Let me tell you this, it is not the book or strategies or goal setting or visualization or law of attraction that don’t work. It is because the moment you saw the title of this article, you feel interesting and you decide to read it. They live the kind of life where they wake up at 8, go to work at 9, back at 5 and sleep at 10 without knowing what they are really doing. I really appreciate this website bcos it motivates,inspires & awake my spirit to reach my destiny. In other words, success does not only depend on setting a goal and achieving it, it is also influenced by the personality and the attitude you adopt to fulfill the task and your goal. Time has no boundaries: To have success, you do not frame time as your boundaries but the amount of work done. Volunteers always win: Whenever you volunteer, you raise your hand to do more work and more work brings more opportunities to learn and subsequently more growth in the area. A good indicator of this is frustration – that question we ask ourselves “there must be more than this?”. Imagine not having to change gear and leaving that left foot relax on the floor as the car changes gear for you. Once you can imagine the car, you will begin to see them on the road immediately, not AFTER you buy it like most people, but as if you already own it. You cannot achieve what you cannot dream – if you cannot imagine it, you certainly cannot do it. If it is not truly yours and does not truly fit in with your belief system and values, your unconscious mind will do everything in its power to prevent it from happening.
If the goal is truly yours and you desperately want it, then persevere – take the knocks and get back up and continue on your road. If you make mistakes along the way, really learn from them and acknowledge them for what they are – learning moments. Elaine hangs out at The Smart Train She provides online training and coaching solutions in the areas of MS Office Skills, Business Skills, and Soft Skills.
Yes this invites a discussion around time management, and identifying which goals are important and which ones are more urgent.
My personal thoughts on this are that targets for me are mostly value related – monetary, percentages,  values and they lead to the ultimate goal. For example, if the goal in a organisation is to increase customer care responses by 26%, then targets will be set (generally by management) for each player in reaching that goal. We could also view targets not as monetary, but as something else – a target market for example.
As always Elaine you have delivered another great post… I do like that this information can be used for any and all goals that one may wish to set in life, be it personal, business or within the career. Indeed Catherine, very often for business owners, their business goals can be intertwined with their personal goals, and some of them should be.

Fab to see teenagers developing a product like this from the kenel of an idea to a real product.
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If you want to be successful but you don’t have a goal, you will never achieve what you want in your life.
If you set your goal as to make a million dollar by selling a $1 key chain, do you know how many sales you’re going to make before you can achieve that target?
You have to make use to goal setting and you must train yourself, your muscle and your brain about achieving goals. If your usual wake up time is 7am and you want to improve it to 6am, what you can do is by setting small goals to train yourself in achieving it. Though what you have written here is known to most people, but equally most people do the mistake of not setting small and manageable goals.
Most people know what they want and they did follow the instructions and do what they supposed to do.
Of course, they know how to manage their time well so that they can spend and enjoy with their family while pursuing their dreams. Some people buy a wealth creation book, put all the strategies into use and they become rich. Having a desire is not enough, you need to have a burning desire that will push you into achieving it no matter how difficult it is. If you want to be a millionaire, but you don’t have any idea how you can do it, it is simply because it is not a burning desire for you. It is all on your thinking and the nature you adopt towards your work which will help you to find ways to achieve your goals. Successful people do not take the time factor into consideration but focus more on the tasks to be done.
If you are asking that question about any aspect of your life or career, then it’s time to move on and up.
Imagine coming out of the music shop and walking towards that silver BMW (just washed), and realising “Ooh, I OWN that beauty. Now imagine you are working in your perfect job, or your perfect voluntary area, or running your perfect business. Really believe that you can do it – whether it is to finish a project, begin a project you have been procrastinating about or stuck in the middle of.
TURN it around – “I will finish this”, “I have all the help I need”, “We CAN”, “I have all the support I need”, “I can easily find the resources I require” – whatever it takes to turn that negative thought into a positive outcome.
So logically, if we think positively, we are resonating positivity and it will become our behaviour. Bitesize pieces might be necessary, as long as they can be accomplished individually, and each one leads you closer to achieving your main goal. So we target our target market in order to achieve our goals of €XX sales, X% profit or X% market share.
For specific personal or specific business goals, the post is very relevant for both (or either).
Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! Do you know how many rejections you’ll have to go through before you can finally cross that 1 million dollar mark? It is just like you set your goal as to make $100,000 in just 24 hours, which is not really possible. In fact we tend to scale up the goal in our minds itself without doing even the smallest job for it. Many people try to set their goals, they really put their effort into doing this and they did follow through and visualize about their success.
Without this reason and without this key, you’ll never achieve what you want in your life. It is the burning desire that will force you, push you, inspire you, motivate you, and propel you into taking action and make your goals come true. This is the only difference between a successful person and a struggling person who lives his life without knowing anything.

While some people buy the same book, read it but they never really take any action to apply the strategies taught in the book. If the reason deep within you is strong enough, you’ll definitely achieve what you want. They finish the tasks relatively quickly and are more able to enjoy and do other works as well. Hence, successful people who are more often hardworking like to be with hardworking people.
The more you volunteer chances are high of finding more ways to accomplish goals, ways to achieve your goals. I have a very detailed blogpost on my own site on SMART Goal setting if you would like to give it a try.
Imagine stretching that elastic and watch it grow in size – that’s what we do when we learn and grow. If the goal seems too large – break it into smaller pieces, small enough that you can accomplish at least 2 things every day – or 5 things every week. She helps soothe the rough and tumble of running a business through education, information and coaching. This can also help guide us away from constant fire fighting and planning for the future in a more structured way, rather than just dealing with issues as they come up (which of course are not goals, and distract us from our goals). The imagination grows so much in the minds that we tend to get bogged down with its size and untimately drop the idea. For those people who set their goals but in the end fail to achieve their goals, the number one reason is because they lack the burning desire.
It is impossible that you’ll become a millionaire by just thinking of becoming a millionaire. I’m sharing with you the million-dollar strategy how you can become a millionaire and achieve what you want in your life.
Many people are struggling in their life because they do not know what they really want in their life. This is where goal setting, visualization, law of attraction and so on will help you to shortcut your success.
Therefore, it is necessary to change yourself to be with the kind of people you desire to be!
There is no limit to our elasticity, because each time we grow, our elastic band regenerates itself to grow more.
So get out of your own way and push yourself to stretch that elastic and be above normality.
Imagine yourself struggling with the low profile tyres and that feeling of power behind the wheel. Success is yours – but you have to imagine and really believe it and see it for it to happen. If they include knowledge, then endeavour to increase your knowledge by reading further, study or discovery. If you find yourself easily distracted, then question your motivation to achieve the goal in the first place.
And then slowly increase the time you spend into reading until you get use to it and eventually achieve your goals. The answer is that most people fail to achieve what they want, even with all the success tools helping them. Remember, having a burning desire is one of the fundamental success principles you must first adopt.
Once you’ve developed your burning desire, all of the success strategies you apply will become your leverage tools.

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