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If we don’t spend the time setting goals the right way and creating a system to help us follow through, they will remain aspirations. A study by a clinical psychologist at Dominican University of California found that when goals are shared with a friend, they are 23% more likely to happen. To get to the other side of a ravine, sometimes we need to walk slowly, sometimes tu run, sometimes to jump, sometimes to change course.If the canonical method (slow walking) cannot help us to achieve a goal, the fastest way to get there is to vary the approach.
We work hard to improve ourselves and our businesses but somehow most of us never follow through.

The real reason most of us fail at reaching our goals is because we don’t have the right support system set up.
When that same friend receives weekly updates on the goal progress, it is 33% more likely to be accomplished. Use a logbook to share your weekly updates and get some encouragement—or tough love when you need it! Spend some time writing or reviewing your mission statement, core message, and business values.

But you once you break down running a marathon into a regular training schedule it becomes much more doable. Find an accountability partner, tell them about your goal, and create a schedule for checking in.

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