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Between $50 million to $80 million will be bet in state of Nevada on the Floyd Mayweather vs. While the fight is scheduled for May 2, Mayweather-Pacquiao, by some accounts, has already drawn more betting action than any other boxing match in Las Vegas history. To put the $50-$80 million range into perspective, $115 million was bet on this yeara€™s Super Bowl and a record $119 million was wagered on the 2014 Super Bowl between the Seahawks and Broncos (Super Bowl handle figures are a bit deceptive, though, since all the money bet in the futures market throughout the year is included). The best guess as to the fighta€™s handle could come from MGM Resorts, which operates 10 sports books along the Las Vegas Strip.A  The fight will be held at its flagship property, MGM Grand, and MGM properties have the exclusive Vegas rights to show the pay-per-view feed on their television screens. South Point bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro said $60 million was a "fair guess" as to Nevadaa€™s overall handle, and The Wynna€™s John Avello ballparked it at $50-60 million.
While wea€™ll never know an exact figure, since the Nevada Gaming Commission does not release such data for individual boxing matches, ita€™s safe to say sports books across Vegas are expecting big things on the first Saturday in May, the same day, of course, the Kentucky Derby will be run.
Rood said while ita€™s not there yet, the event is easily on pace to becoming the biggest ever in terms of betting handle. The largest bet taken at MGMa€™s 10 sports books across the Strip was on Pacquiao last week, which dropped Mayweathera€™s odds to a city low of -170. In spite of the gagging order agreed to by both Top Rank and Golden Boy, it seems details are beginning to emerge from the negotiations between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. The most important of which is that there is seemingly a dispute developing over the purse agreement. This time around though the purse split looks like it might be the main point of contention, and once again, unless one side changes its position the fight might well fall apart. Until now though, that had all been speculation on the part of the media, although these new demands have now been confirmed by several of Pacquiao's representatives. Obviously there is little chance that Pacquiao will agree to a lesser share of the purse, and Bob Arum will be pushing for an equal split once again. These words were reminiscent of statements made by Floyd Mayweather Sr recently, who claimed that his son would never fight Pacquiao because of the issues between them. Despite these latest details coming out, Bob Arum maintains he has yet to receive any further word from the Mayweather camp. Strangely though, the interview conducted by Philstar seems to suggest than in fact Arum does know more than he is letting on. The lawyer did not confirm if it was Bob Arum, in the US quietly trying to make the superfight happen, who told them that Mayweather is now demanding for a bigger purse. The question then becomes whether Arum himself or insiders from the opposite camps are more reliable sources of information. Either way it will probably be quite some time before an official announcement is made on whether the fight will happen or not. Raul Hernandez, Pittsburgh: "Both sides have made mistakes, I don't know why Pacquiao didn't agree to the 14 day cut off the last time and I don't know why Mayweather is that bothered about another few dollars if he's already going to make a hundred million over the two fights. Freddie Roach said before "Winner Takes All" if Mayweather is so confident that he will win then he should agree on this.
Gayweather, I'm sorry -I mean Mayweather, it's illegal for him to demand of this and that cause he's not the king of boxing.

How about this: It is Mayweather's fault, he should not request this kind of blood testing in the first place since there is a commission to do their jobs.
Floyd doesn't need Manny so why should he agree to equal money when hes the one bringing in the fans and the interest?
Poochio cant sell as many as Floyd, he cant take the best testing and he still thinks he's entitled to half? AS I told you folks many times before, that this LoudMouth Coward Fraud, has NEVER RUN out of EXCUSES to Dodge the little Asian named MANNY. Pacquaio should call "Team Mayweathers" bluff and agree to the blood testing right up until the fight.
This author(and others as well) is obviously taking bits and pieces from different sources.. Otherwise the fight will never be historical for Floyd for fighting another small man at his weight.
Visit source Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Meet At Miami Heat Game; Will They Finally Fight?
It's all speculation at this point, but while it is a little far-fetched, it's certainly not out of the realm of the impossible that eight-division world champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao (57-6-2, 38 KO's) could land his much sought rematch with undefeated pound-for-pound king Floyd "Money" Mayweather (49-0, 26 KO's).
If Pacquiao gets the fight, and his shoulder works as designed, there is a growing contingent of fans who think that he'll do a lot better against Mayweather. From that point on, it was very evident that Pacquiao could not use his right hand effectively and used it very sparingly. With Pacquiao unable to complete his offense, he became useless against Mayweather and the rest was history.
Pacquiao is slated step into the ring for the final time next year, as a seat at the Philippine senate looms. But Mayweather feels Crawford may still have a tough time with Pacquiao, despite Crawford's talents. Pacquiao is likely to fight just once next year, if he indeed wins a senate seat, which he is expected to do, making a Mayweather fight only possible in 2017. Assuming both Mayweather and Pacquiao are still interested in boxing two years from now, when they are two years older, and they are still both interested in facing each other, do you think Pacquiao could do better? Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae break up: Actress had an affair with ex-boyfriend?; Suzy still has unresolved feelings for her ex-boyfriend? When paying a visit to Beijing, you cannot miss the recently opened Beijing Rose Museum, which is also the world's first Chinese rose museum. ESPN had wrestling legend Hulk Hogan on SportsNation with Michelle Beadle to break down the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.
Manny Pacquiao fight, which will make it the biggest non-football betting event the state has ever seen, according to estimates from multiple Las Vegas bookmakers. In addition to the immense anticipation for the fight, the fact ita€™s drawing good two-way action is another key factor in the amount that will be wagered. During the previous negotiations, the two sides agreed fairly quickly to a 50-50 split, only for the fight to fall apart because of the drug testing issue.

At the time some took this as the usual pre-fight bluster from Mayweather, who has been largely absent from the media since then.
At an outside shot there might be room for negotiating between the purse and the cut off date, although Pacquiao named 14 days he may be willing to be tested closer so long as it isn't on the day of the fight.
Staying typically coy about the proceedings all he would say during Yuri Foreman's open workout today is that he has sent word to the Mayweather camp about Pacquiao accepting a 14 day cut off, and has yet to receive any response.
But Pacquiao’s business manager, Eric Pineda, said word indeed reached the Pacquiao camp yesterday that Mayweather now wants a bigger share of the purse. Undoubtedly Arum knows any and all details that have been discussed, but at the same time he is bound by the gagging order he suggested.
This is Pacquiaos fault anyway he should have agreed to the 14 days before, or the random now. Look what happened after Manny had agreed to his previous 14-day cut-off period of blood test, this impudent LIAR has retracted his original demand, instead he has an impossible set of demand anew on Manny, this is an INSULT to the boxing fans and SPORT-WRITERS and the world of sports in general.!!!
Didn’t even bother or have the Guts and Face to jump into the Ring to CHECK the CONDITION of his Boxer instead HE Walked away in DISGRACED.!!!!! We all know that this whole OSDT stuff is just an exscuse so that Floyd does not have to fight Manny and can tarnish his image by spreading the PED lies about him.
He did have his moments, but after the fight, Pacquiao complained that he re-aggravated the shoulder injury he suffered during training camp in the 4th round, while he was teeing off on Mayweather against the ropes. Covering 30,000 square meters, the museum boasts not just a conventional museum, but also four outdoor Chinese rose-themed parks and extensive grounds filled with roses. Others though saw this as an early warning sign that a fight between the two pound for pound stalwarts would probably never happen.
For example a three day cut off in exchange for an equal purse split might be something the two sides could work out. Insiders from the two camps are more free to let information out, although are probably receiving news from the negotiations second hand through the promoters. This will be most thrilling and sensational fight of all time and would bring the best on both of them ! As of this moment, leading the Pacquiao sweepstakes is unbeaten junior welterweight Terence "Bud" Crawford (27-0, 19 KO's) of Omaha, Nebraska. He can fight, but I don't want him to think that just because I made it look that easy with Pacquiao, it's going to be that easy," said Mayweather.
If Floyd is as "Great" as he says he is and he can "beat anybody that is put in front of him" he should drop the blood testing crap and fight Manny, Cotto, Margarito (If he gets his license back lol), Andre Berto, Paul Williams, Sergio Martinez, Zab Judah again!!!
But Floyd being Floyd i bet you he wont fight any of these fighters because he will deem them to risky for his "unbeaten record". Team Mayweather is ruining boxing and i hope his uncle ends up in prison for spreading that PED bullshit about Manny!!!!

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