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April 20, 2015 By Jennifer Rosevelt Leave a Comment I have been asked for many times this question. I will discuss here a few factors that play important role in determining when they should move it.
After hatching, the first a few days, chickens like to spend their time underneath the mother hen. According to me, 6 weeks is a good age to start assessing whether the chickens are ready to leave the heat source and move to the coop.
I should be noted that brooder’s temperature must be kept at 90 to 95° F during 1st week right after hatching. You should try building your own coop with the help of coop construction guides like Building a Chicken Coop.

If you have older hens or chickens already living in the coop, make sure your chicks becomes equal to the size of those chickens before you actually start the process of integration. I am the Editor In Chief of Chicken Care Magazine, Author of 'The Guide To Keeping Chickens' and an expert in this field.
Now, that simply means that at this age their chick down is gone & they are now have real feathers. Then, reduce the temperature by 5 degrees every week thereafter until the brooder’s temperature becomes equal to the room temperature. Since there will be pecking the coop and smaller would get hurt by the larger in the pecking. I have started this blog to share knowledge about backyard poultry, chicken coops, and chickens business.

You should use a better quality hardware cloth in order to make your coop safe from inside out. There are many things that matters while determining when they should move to their coop from the heat source.
Normally, mother hen starts to distance herself from her chickens when they become approx..

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