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Is there a lot of detail work and cutting, or is it a really basic simple house with simple rooms? Damage adds more time including hail damage or dog clawing on the deck or anything else that is beyond simple weathered damage. It’s surprising to see how many variables there are in figuring the cost to paint a house. I'm Eric, creator of Painting Business Pro, founder of Foothills Painting, co-owner of Painter Choice.

If you are looking to hire a painting company, one of the best ways to make sure you are getting a good price is to get multiple estimates from local painters through a service like Painter Choice.
A room with an accent wall, different color ceiling, and different trim is a lot more work. Depending on the condition of the home will determine the amount of prep time on the house.
If a home has multiple colors, or a lot of detail work found on victorian style homes, that can raise the price considerably… even more than the estimates above.

I'm disrupting the painting industry, and helping hundreds of painters improve their businesses. Power sanding is needed to switch from solid stain to a semi-transparent stain, or if the deck is in terrible condition.

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