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You might be tempted to start running Facebook Ads, pay for a sponsored spot on your favorite blog, or maybe even… put up a billboard?! But that begs the question: how much should you invest to advertise your business, and what are the best forms of advertising?
The answer is that it depends on your business, budget, and what types of products and services you offer. For some business owners, it might make sense to invest your ad budget on creating high quality content that will bring people in the door organically over time.
That’s the beauty of investing in long term strategies like search engine optimization, guest posting, and content marketing. Running ads on Facebook or Google Adwords is smart for small businesses because you can control your budget and see if your ads are working before you invest more money.
Back in the day you’d spend a few thousand dollars on an ad in a magazine or newspaper, then wait a few months for it to run.

Today with the web, you can have a new ad up on Facebook within minutes and see if it’s converting to sales or not within hours. My advice for you if you want to start experiment with ads online is to build a business funnel that ensures you’re never paying out of pocket for your ads. If you spend $.50 cents to get someone to click and join your email list, and you have 5% of people buying a $25 ebook, then you’re making $75 in profit for every 100 people who join your email list from this ad.
If you want to learn more about running profitable ads online, then you’ll want to join us inside the Heartquarters Insider community, where we’re diving deep into this topic. Now, I’d love to know whether you’ve dipped your toe in the world of running ads yet or not. I love this concept for ads – I have a $10 meditation that I sell on my site and when I advertise it not only do I drive traffic but I also get the ad to pay for itself. I was concerned with the high upfront cost as well as the time I would need to devote to provide content.

And I’m not talking about spending a few million dollars for a 30 second commercial during the Superbowl either. By having a really small and easy to invest in offer, you can start to break even or even profit on your ads. Find out more about building this type of business funnel in my other video about funnels and blocking the flow. I heard about the small business special packages that Debra Scarpa with Design by Friday offered and it was just the impetus I needed to move forward. Debra made the process so easy and clear that the time I needed to devote was much less than I imagined.

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