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With endless offers and promotions thrust upon us, the high street seems to be in a constant state of sale. Star buy!  Roksanda Ilincic’s colourful dresses are a favourite of Samantha Cameron and the Duchess of Cambridge. Raj and Howard are close buds on the show and their real-life counterparts team up off-screen as well.
When it comes down to breaking open the piggy bank, it's time to figure out just how much it takes to live on.
If you've ever been strapped for cash, you've probably thought about the value of a dollar and the importance of making it stretch. Even when headlines report bad news about unemployment rates and ballooning inflation, the poorest people in developed economies are doing better than most of their ancestors did. Although it's nearly impossible to determine a definitive dollar amount to answer our question, it'll help to look at one standard: the United States Census Bureau's poverty threshold.
And whilst you're waiting, Team Telegraph got a preview of the best items going into the sales and here is what's on our wishlist.

At 50% off, this striped dress - WAS ?1,495, NOW ?747 - is a cheerful way to nod to such regal style.
This soft crepe jacket - WAS ?195, NOW ?120 - riffs on a classic blazer, but highlights the waist area and will give any trousers a feminine kick. Like Cuoco, Parsons, and Galecki, the two actors renegotiated their contracts in 2014, working together to close some of the pay gap between them and their co-stars. Faced with a financial disaster or a hemorrhaging bank account, suddenly the memories of blowing savings on extravagant iPod accessories come rushing back. Economist Julian Simon says that there may be no free lunch, but at least it's getting cheaper and cheaper [source: Simon]. Economics expert Adam Smith argues that social embarrassment plays a part in determining necessities of life [source: Smith]. This star ring - WAS ?395 - NOW ?195 - is perfect for the girl who likes stacking jewellery.
Watch this transitional shirt dress - WAS ?55, NOW ?27 - instantly become one of your failsafe wardrobe staples for work and play.

The last-minute negotiations took place right before Season 8 was set to start production and though it came down to the wire, Nayyar and Helberg eventually closed lucrative new deals.
In the midst of researching the resale value of iPod gloves, it strikes you that it's time to reduce expenditures and simplify your life to make ends meet. Although we may get rid of gym memberships and days at the spa, should we cut healthy-but-pricey foods from grocery lists and stop the occasional trip to the movies? For instance, if not owning a microwave oven makes other people think you live in poverty, it counts as a necessity from a social perspA­ective.
Deadline reports that the two were able to nab around 75% of Cuoco, Parsons, and Galecki’s salaries — which puts their Big Bang Theory income at around $750,000 per episode through Season 10.

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