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Tom L: Nice looking cover but would be nice to see all the steps and know what you used, etc. Of course, if we had more laundry, we could easily separate them into two full loads, but with just the two of us, we don't generate enough laundry to do this. 10) Save money - We haven't calculated our own savings, but we're using so much less electricity, it must be significant. 8) Pleasant scent - We've been amazed not only at how fragrant sun-dried laundry can be, but also at how long the fragrance lasts. 7) Saves energy, preserves environment, reduces pollution - We would line-dry for this reason if no other. 4) Replace another appliance - We still have our 25-year-old electric dryer, which we haven't used for over ten years (except when our children have been visiting).

1) It is truly patriotic - The more energy we save, the more secure our country and the less need for our military to protect oil around the world. Project Laundry List: A Positive Approach to Change - One of our favorite organizations because it addresses a very simple, everyday action that has enormous consequences. 60 million Americans live in approximately 300,000 community associations (mobile home parks, retirement communities, gated communities, condominiums, etc.). Drying for Freedom - a documentary about the advantages of drying clothes on the line—and the prohibitions against them.
In the past, this would have been a recipe for disaster, but with modern fabrics and dyes, we haven't had any problem. I don't like exercising solely for the sake of exercise (though we do that, too), but we especially appreciate getting some exercise while we accomplish something else.

Since we have it, it's a convenience for emergencies, but we could otherwise get along without it. If all Americans who currently do not use a clothesline started to use one for ten months of the year, we could avoid 12 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, annually.
That would typically mean that less energy was used drying clothes in a clothes dryer, but for us it means that it's a lighter load to carry out to the yard to hang out! The act of hanging the clothes isn't much different than shaking clothes out before folding them.

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