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J A Hamilton: my dad iks dying of cancer and has a 56 4 door chevy wagon he would like to sell. Bring that truck where it belongs out in the fields and off road trailsiĀ»?Mike Goss: Well he won't be like all his buddy's in there tahoes and expeditions with blown transmissions from the giant wheel combo,this Dmax keep on rollingiĀ»?Marlon Thomas Jr: I would like to know why are you people wasting your time bashing this mans truck?
No matter how much you guys bitch and whine behind your keyboards, I don't think he's going to change a damn thing. I pretty sure you guys have a style with something you like that other people might not like as well.

The next thing is yes the truck can still pull, go off road, get dirty, and do what ever the driver wants it to do.
You make it look like Factory installed and also I love how you made those access panels to the transfercase so you can change out your Ujoints- that's ingeneous ! I have a 79' Ford E250 Quadravan by Pathfinder with the 460 Big block0only 66,000 original miles- but that's because they couldn't afford the gas !! Thanks!!XboobtubeX: do u deliver them (ultimate garage) or do u have a delivery company (subcontractor) that delivers them for ya.??

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