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At Stockport Computers Limited we like to make our prices clear so that customers know how much repairs cost.
Please note that we will contact you with the exact price before we commence any computer repair and all our prices include VAT unless otherwise stated. Our vans are equipt with items for sale including printers, routers and other common hardware essentials. Please Note: All our new hardware comes with a 12 months manufacturers warranty, our labour and reconditioned hardware have 30 days guarantee. Residential Surveys Home buyer reports and valuations carried out throughout the South West area including boundary wall disputes and party wall negotiations.

The cost of the report is relatively cheap compared with the potential liability on the most expensive purchase that you intend to make.
The start and end time is calculated to the minute by the satellite tracking system on the computer engineers van to avoid any discrepancy.
We can provide software with licenses using our online payment service for programs like Microsoft Office, AVG Antivirus and Genie Backup.
Any computers infected with a virus after the repair, but within the 30 days of the guarantee will be subject analysis to find the cause of the virus infection. Unlike most competitors, we do not charge a premium for items sold onsite; these are priced at the same rate as sold in the workshop.

The Treasury is now researching new metals to see if there are cheaper alternatives to the metal mix they currently use.

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