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Our social media management program will help your company reach thousands of potential new customers online and on multiple devices. You see, by making our amazing and dedicated social media specialists part of your team today, you will benefit from our no risk result oriented marketing and branding solutions. They just don't know how to effectively use social media to drive website human traffic and nurture leads. Social media enhances the sales process only if your company has a comprehensive content marketing strategy and committed resources to maintain your websites. Additionally, we craft a unique, compelling and awesome strategic plan so as to leverage your social media pages as valuable tools for your sales team.
This is possible because our bespoke and result-orientated social media marketing solutions ensure that every action that we take brings you one step closer to your goals and in achieving the results you envisioned. Despite what many people have come to believe, social media is not a "set it and forget it" process. Finally, we put the plan into action by promoting you massively and ruthlessly to achieve your goals. Ever since Facebook emerged in 2004, social media has changed how people communicate with each other. Before starting The Content Factory, Joan Barrett and I did a ton of research about professional social media marketing agencies – and quickly came to the conclusion that there was no way we were ever going to charge any of our clients that much. To set up a new Facebook account and provide limited ongoing training to business partners, online PR agencies charge an average of $2,500-$5,000 per month, with some going as high as $9,000.
For instance, the tactics we use for a B2B client in the business coaching space aren't all that different from the tactics we use for a B2B client in the cloud computing space. In both cases, we focus on using Twitter as a PR tool to reach out to journalists who cover the space, interact with them, get on their radar and prime them for when we send an actual pitch. For both the business coach and the cloude service provider we also focus on interacting with current and potential clients, share client insights on industry news, etc.
Are you getting a unique social media marketing strategy tailor made for your business, or a slightly customized version of a tried-and-true method for achieving social media success?
We've been working in this industry for years, and have represented B2B, B2C, small startups and national brands. But if your product or service is that amazing, you probably don't need to spend $20k to seed a social following. Sure, you can link to a lot of great articles on other websites, but what's the point of constantly directing your fans and followers to sites other than your own? That is, other agencies white label their work for us to do under their brand names – they pay us to do their work, and the client never knows about it. The client just sees the work getting done and the results being generated, so it's a win-win-win all around.

As a result, several of our posts rank #1 for highly competitive keywords, and our site generates around $150,000 per year in organic search traffic.
We've developed an online marketing strategy that works, not just for us but for our clients as well. We'll develop a keyword strategy that targets all of the search phrases you want to rank for. From there, we'll build out an editorial calendar that systematically targets your keywords, while also offering informative, actionable and interesting content to your readers. Our clients have written articles that have been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, The Huffington Post and a vareity of other influential publications. However, we've been in the business for several years now and have made many connections of our own with major media outlets and thought leaders.
The truth of the matter is that some people just aren't ready to hire a professional social media marketing agency, and we have to turn some of them away. Check out the five things to ask yourself before hiring an online marketing agency, and if you think we'd make a good team contact us today!
But I guess this is for established firms not for startups which is done on employees own time.
I work at an angel investment group and we try to find the best deals for the companies we invest in so that we feel comfortable with the investment’s direction. I don’t believe I have come across another site that is as transparent as you guys are.
Being new to social media strategy, I have been scouring the Web for information resources and this definitely qualifies as such. While its true some agencies charge more just to distinguish themselves in the market, for others those charges represent real costs and mark-ups. Say you’re a fairly well known brand with even just two social media platforms running.
Then add in the cost of an experienced social media manager, graphic designer, ad campaigns, etc. This is where a company can save with an agency, even if they do charge what seems like an enormous amount.
I just wanted to put out there a pricing explanation for people who think a social media agency is charging 10k a month for the fun of it.
In those cases, I think $10k per month (or more) is entirely justified, especially if you’re talking about designing and running big campaigns. I think that charging a small business that much is borderline criminal, and most of the companies will go bankrupt before they’ll see a return on that investment. We are about to set up a site which will help businesses with they social media marketing and SEO and we don't want to under price our selves too much or over price either.

Those who understand social media know the easiest and most basic truth: social media depends is all about network effects. By definition, that means that spending 5000$ to get x amount of likes is worth much less than spending 2000$ to grow an actual community.
And an extra appreciation for the transparency in sharing your rates vs industry standards.
I always found it peculiar that so many businesses that offer these services are so secretive about their rates, now I understand why! For this reason, it’s really hard to have a one price fits all mentality with social media management. So rather than spending time posting and encouraging fan engagement, managing a small business’ social media presence involves a much heavier level of education for the business owner.
I usually work on a client-by-client basis and try to offer services that take the size of their wallets into account.
Small businesses often can’t afford to shell thousands of dollars per month, just for Facebook or Twitter. None of the social media marketers we workA (or are in competition) with could pay an employee $500 per month for social media work and attract any kind of real SMM talent. Social media has started as an undervalued service, despite the PR crises and stagnated communities that keep popping up. If we really want to help our clients, then we really have to be able to provide the service – which costs. It's important to start educating the online populace about the real cost of providing social media services.
Once I explained that social media management to truly protect and develop your brand is a professional service, they were taken aback. Social Media strategy must be aimed at engagement with the community of potential customer.
And, at this stage in your business, it’s important toA use social media on a personal level to help you identify trends, connect with leaders in your industry, etc. ThisA can help you refine your tone and approach, bring about strategic parternships andA ensure that you’re taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible.
A part-time one-channel-only social media hire is not likely to identify these types of thingsA on the same level you would.

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