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A professional outline of the options available to your business or your company if financial difficulties are being experienced.
There is no charge for the first meeting.Our fee structure will be explained and a fee estimate provided at the first meeting. After you decide you want to pursue one of the options outlined and you instruct us in the matter.
Yes, in providing financial records and documents to allow you to be properly advised on an administration to be conducted. Generally, once you instruct us to act, we notify the Sheriff and the proceedings are stayed. Part X is a section of the Bankruptcy Act that allows a person (or persons), in financial difficulties to appoint a registered Trustee to organise a meeting of creditors at which creditors vote whether to accept or reject your offer to settle their claims.
A bankrupt can also be required to make contributions to their estate from their income, if their income exceeds an indexed threshhold. Owning a property is likely to be one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, and it is important to have the right advice when it comes to buying, selling, or reinvesting. You will be assigned a solicitor who will deal with your transaction throughout, taking the time to understand your individual goals and requirements, and keeping you informed at every stage.
Our solicitors have a wide range of experience in dealing with a variety of residential transactions from high net worth to shared ownership matters. We have experience in the sale of freehold and leasehold properties and the sale of land, and can handle the process completely from start to finish. If you are selling your property and buying a new one at the same time, we can deal with this together, scheduling the different stages to ensure a smooth transaction throughout the chain, and saving you time and money in legal costs. We have experience in assisting first time buyers, landlords who are buying to let, and people who are simply moving home to buy a new property. At the outset, we will provide you with an outline of the total costs of buying your property including our fees, taxes and duties, to help you plan your move. Remortgaging is the process of transferring what you owe on an existing mortgage to a new one.
When renting out your property, there are many legal areas to consider such as the contract between you and your tenant, holding a deposit, tax liabilities, how to mortgage the property, and how to deal with a disagreement with tenants.
Our solicitors can advise you about the terms of tenancy that you should consider and draft tenancy agreements that outline the rights and responsibilities of both you and your tenants.
In the case of a disagreement or breach of tenancy agreement, we can also advise both landlords and tenants on their legal rights, and help to resolve the dispute. A transfer of equity is where the owner of a property wants to add or remove another owner to or from the title deeds.
Alternatively, complete our contact form and we'll get a relevant member of our team to contact you.

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A signed deed of renunciation, which needs to be witnessed by a disinterested person, needs to be sent to Probate Court. Hi and welcome, you say in your title Power of Attorney, once the donor of the LPA has died the OPG must be notified info HERE the LPA ends automatically on death. As long as the carer has not performed any of the executors duties they can resign, They can write a letter renouncing the role as executor, attach this to the probate application and send it to the local district probate office. Having spoke to the solicitor that wrote up the will today - he has stated that the executor is the sole beneficiary, and if she doesn't want it - then it will go to Cancer Research UK? Also, the will shows that if the executor is unwilling, a 2nd person has already been appointed?
The solicitor said if the carer does not want to be executor then as sole beneficiary and she refuses the money will go to cancer research? Hello Shane, as both executors were appointed in writing from the will, and am assuming it has gone through probate (legal requirement) already, the last appointed executor should be able to take over the role from the one who retired, immediately, whatever those terms are as per the testator's intention in their will. The first named executor has only verbally stated she wished to resign as executor, the issue is that the solicitor is claiming she cant do this.
The Residuary Estate is whatever remains after all specific gifts are made (on page 2 perhaps) and all debts, taxes, admin, probate and court costs are paid. If not, we can contact them later, with your approval, to gain any other information required. Your accountant and solicitor would normally continue to handle for instance your personal income tax and legal affairs. Generally a person's assets, excluding a motor vehicle, household possessions and tools of the trade to indexed thresholds, are sold to pay the debts. Our solicitors can guide you through the stages and ensure that all the necessary legal elements are addressed and carried out correctly. As part of our service, we also outline all the financial costs involved in your transaction at the outset, including our fixed fees, with no hidden extras. This includes liaising with the buyer and their estate agent, ensuring that all the legal stages and paperwork are completed, scheduling completion and moving dates, and dealing with all financial transactions including land registry search fees, mortgage payments and the transfer of purchase monies.
We also deal with all financial transactions, including land registry search fees and stamp duty land tax. This can be done for many reasons, such as reducing the cost of monthly repayments, to switch between a variable or fixed rate to get a better deal, or to release equity from the property if it has risen in value. This includes assured shorthold tenancy agreements which usually last for at least a six month period, and assured tenancy agreements, which are more commonly used by housing associations and registered social landlords.
This may be by reviewing the legal terms of your contract, adapting your tenancy agreement, negotiating a solution, or if necessary, taking the matter to court.

The owner will need to consider how this will affect any mortgage funding on the property, including whether a new owner will be approved for credit, and whether the repayments are affordable for the remaining owner if one is being removed. This is because, even if no cash payment is being made from one party to another, one person is effectively assuming a share of the property equity or mortgage debt. Ascot Lawyers is a trading name of Ascot Lawyers Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales with company number 08237614 and VAT number 745008448. The solicitor was already aware, and in the motions of getting a new will set up i believe- but unfortunately this was never completed. They will then send a form to sign and they will also have to write to the other executor saying they have resigned. All of the financial transactions we deal with are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
We can also advise you in the event of any problems that should arise during the sale of your property, such as a claim on the land title or issues discovered in a property survey. If you are financing all or part of your property purchase with a mortgage, we can deal with this directly with your mortgage company. Mortgages are a long term commitment, and it is important to consider all aspects of potential agreements to decide if remortgaging is the right option for you. Our solicitors can advise you on funding an equity transfer, and handle the legal process, including applying to the land registry to make the necessary amendments to the title deeds.
We can advise you on whether you are liable to pay stamp duty land tax, and include this within the transfer of equity process.
The registered office for Ascot Lawyers Ltd is Ascentia House, Lyndhurst Road, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 9ED.Ascot Lawyers is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, No.
He can't grieve with all this going on when the executor doesn't want nothing to do with the will. Our solicitors can offer informed and independent advice about the options available to you and help you to make an application for a new mortgage. The solicitor would be able to do this but I am unsure who would have to pay or how much it would cost. We can also handle all elements of the legal process and the transfer of funds once the remortgage is complete.

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