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After looking at these numbers, does it change your perspective on buying expensive sneakers?
Things I learned once I started designing for a major shoe company… Might have bought Jordans at retail twice in the last two years. It doesnt matter how much anything costs, because at the end of the day its just dudes trying to impress other dudes on the internet. Last year Bloomberg News featured a terrif video that tracked the process used to manufacture an Oscar statuette plus ratted on how much each one costs to make. Oscars quiz: Which movies won for writing, directing and acting, but failed to win best picture?

Which two films swept the guild awards but weren't nominated for best picture at the Oscars? Nothing better than retail cause when you start talking 3,4,5,8, $900 for sneakers you ain’t even speaking English anymore. Footlocker and stores are buying them for anywhere from $65-$80.(manufacturer price) its the stores that are doubling and tripling there profit. Doesn't cover labor, of course, but saving $2.40 a gallon over dino prices it sure covers my time to pick up oil and process it.
Now those people who spend $120-$250 on shoes on the regular and don’t have they finances together, or rent apartments, or have more bills to pay than $ in their saving accounts; those people need to stop!

I still think sneaker heads are good bc they’re dummies and that means less competition for smart ppl like myself.

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