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You can find a more extensive explanation of how to uncover hidden yearbook costs here, but  it’s rather simple — traditional publishers require schools to commit to a set number of yearbooks at the beginning of the year before they are sold to parents.
Sadly, many school principals and administrators don’t realize they are losing money, because it can be masked by fundraising efforts or the revenue from printed ads in the yearbook from local businesses.
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With the exception of the Family Christmas Flu of 2002, I haven’t stopped to appreciate the toilet much in my life. Today, we can’t imagine living without toilets or indoor plumbing, especially in populated areas for extended periods of time. The daunting obstacles must have made indoor plumbing seem virtually impossible back in the day, but we did it anyway, which raises two really great questions: How and why? How we made the switch from chamber pots to toilets is less important than why we made the switch because we probably wouldn’t have bothered to figured out how if we didn’t have a dang good reason why to put in all the effort. We put in the effort to move towards toilets because we realized we couldn’t keep living with chamber pots.
Today, we can’t imagine living without fossil fuels as an energy source, but our grandchildren might not be able to imagine what it’s like living without renewable energy.
Science linksAnother bright idea for solar energy: zoo parking lot covered in solar cellsby Thor on Mar. The concept isn’t new; electrical wunderkind Nikola Tesla had a similar idea more than a century ago.
Science has long sought the answer to how electricity builds up and discharges in the atmosphere, and whether the moisture in the atmosphere could even hold an electrical charge. In their laboratory experiments, Galembeck’s research team created a simulated atmosphere densely saturated with water (humidity), which they seeded with silica and aluminum phosphate, two chemical compounds commonly found in air. Just as solar panels convert energy from sunlight into a usable power source, the researchers think water vapor in the atmosphere could someday be harvested for its hygroelectric energy. Thunderstorm over Lake Harriet in Minneapolis; Could this be a new source of energy for the Upper Midwest?
It wasn’t long into my undergraduate stint as an Environmental Science major that I came across the word, “nimby.” Actually, it’s not a word at all.
A recent example of NIMBY is occurring in California this summer as covered in Green, a New York Times blog. What Lobo was likely referring to are the complaints of local residents and regulators who contested several aspects of the project.
Now that I’ve opened your eyes to the existence of NIMBY, you might be wondering how it influences environmental policymaking.

Clearly our modern society cannot exist without landfills or wastewater treatment facilities as smelly and unsightly as they may be.
One oft-cited reason for the relatively small percentage of renewable energy produced in the U.S.
The first design wins points for style--Beacon Power, of Massachusetts, has been testing a battery made of flywheels that store energy as they spin.
The second battery isn't quite as sexy, but it's no less useful--Donald Sadoway at MIT is working on an all-liquid metal battery that could absorb electrical currents up to 10 times as strong as today's hi-tech batteries. Source: New SunCatcher™ power system unveiled at National Solar Thermal Test Facility, Sandia News release. Wind turbines surfin' the deep blue seaCourtesy FlickrLast week, I was lucky enough to partake in a fun-filled road trip to Colorado.
On average, one household will consume around 4,250 kilowatt-hours per year , so think of how many homes can be powered if Minnesota was reaching its wind energy potential.
I also came across this article that came out today in Scientific American that discusses the great steps that Hawaii is taking towards renewable energy. For more information on what you can do here in Minnesota, check out this blog post from ARTiFactor that describes Windsource, a great program through Xcel Energy. Almost two-thirds of states have budgets below 2008 levels and one system, Chicago Public Schools, has an alarming $1 billion dollar deficit this year alone.
We’ve created a handy online calculator to help analyze your costs and show your potential savings. Alley’s presentation, we already have the technology to capture enough renewable energy to cover the world’s current energy usage (15.7 terawatts) with some to spare, and the amount of renewable energy available for capture in the future is simply staggering.
But Fernando Galembeck, a professor at Brazil’s University of Campinas, claims he and his research team have successfully shown that it can, and by using special metal conduits to collect that electricity, it could allow homeowners and building managers to gather and store the electricity as an alternative energy source.
As water droplets formed around the tiny, airborne chemical substances, the researchers noticed the silica took on a negative charge while the aluminum phosphate droplets held a positive charge.
The rooftops of buildings in regions of high humidity and thunderstorm activity could someday be fitted with special hygroelectric panels that would absorb the charges built up in the humid atmosphere and funnel the energy to where it can be utilized, and at the same time reduce the risk of lightning forming and discharging. The expansion cylinder (red) is maintained at a high temperature while the compression cylinder (blue) is cooled.
Though the Rocky Mountains are a spectacular site, I found myself more excited to see all of the wind turbines on the 15-hour drive from Minneapolis to Colorado Springs.
Recently, Hawaii signed an agreement with the US Department of Energy (DoE) that outlines a plan to obtain 70 percent of its power from clean energy by 2030, in which 40 percent will be from renewables like wind farms. If a man-made or natural disaster were to occur that would prevent shipment of oil, Hawaii cannot plug into the mainland’s electrical grid, making them extremely vulnerable.

There are currently two proposed farms for Lanai and Molokai islands that will together generate a total of 400 megawatts of electricity, which will provide 25 percent of Oahu’s total generation capacity. The Cincinnati Zoo has installed solar cells over about 800 spaces of its 1,000-car parking lot.
The charged water vapor readily condenses upon contact with surfaces such as a cold can of soda or beer, and on the windows of air-conditioned buildings or vehicles.
The technology would be best suited to regions of high humidity, such as the tropics or the eastern and southeastern U.S. The passage between the two cylinders contains the regenerator.Courtesy Zephyris Four newly designed solar power collection dishes called SunCatchers™ were unveiled at Sandia's National Solar Thermal Test Facility. So not only will they gain energy security, but the cost of electricity will also lower by reducing the amount of money spent on shipping money to foreign countries for oil (10% GDP).
Considering that over 70 percent of the stat’s population lives in Oahu, that’s a lot of energy!
An array of colours and styles, there’s a rattle every baby will love in the Jellycat collection.
This surely benefits the publisher, since they get to lock in revenue, but it’s simply ridiculous that public schools should be left with unneeded books in the age of on demand printing.
Perusing Popular Mechanics this afternoon, I came across two innovative new battery designs that could bring us much closer to wider use of renewable energies.
Compare the 256-foot-tall Gamesa G87 turbines, found at Bear Creek Wind Park in Penn., with the mini turbines developed by Bergey Windpower in Norman, Okla.
Solar water heating, geothermal energy, and the novel technologies in ocean thermal plants will also be used to provide the Hawaiian islands with clean, renewable energy. Designed for high-volume production, ease of maintenance, and cost reductions, the dishes could be in commercial service by 2010. However, there are many things to take into account when we think about a new energy technology like wind or ethanol. A new study shows that some darlings of the renewable fuels set are pretty land intensive (NPR story on energy sprawl).

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