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Myspace vs Facebook: Is Myspace Still Relevant?myspace vs facebook is myspace still relevantit seems like it was just yesterday when myspace was rave. Like all social networking sites and especially new startups, Myspace has come up against some bumps in the road, including how to deal with spammers, inappropriate content, privacy and most importantly for their creators, how to make money.
Advertisements have been a sore spot for many Myspace users because they’ve claimed that it takes away from the experience and makes Myspace cluttered. Many users also complain about spammers, and not just those saying they can’t wait to wire money into your bank account. No matter what you use it for, whether for personal or business use, it’s important to find the best tool for your purposes.
If you’re not yet convinced that Myspace is still relevant, then just look at the numbers. Users could customize their own backgrounds, add music and videos and write on each others’ pages.

When going to the home page to log in, there’s often big ad banners or movies that can seem overwhelming for the user who just wants to check his messages or comments.
Myspace spammers often come dressed in skimpy two-piece bikinis asking you to view their pics at another site. Although Facebook might be the most popular, there are still millions of people who sign into Myspace daily. Facebook Fan Page Versus Facebook Groups How To Create a Custom Myspace 2.0 Page Camera RAW vs. Yet with the rapid growth of Facebook and now Twitter, it seems that Myspace has just been left in the dust. If all your friends actively use Facebook, then it’s time to close your Myspace account.
If your research shows that a large percentage of your target demographic uses Myspace, then explore the best way to capture these users.

JPG: A Photographer’s Perspective Roundup How Many Social Networking Accounts is Enough?
If however, your friends are loyal to Myspace, then there is no point in making the migration to a new platform.
If you’re going after an older demographic then Facebook is probably a better choice. Deciding to Become a Freelancer is Easy, the Hard Part Comes the Day After How Can a Marketer Take Advantage of FacebookA?a‚¬a„?s New Send Dialog?

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