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Before you can file for divorce in Nevada, you must meet the state's residency requirement. In most states, there is a 'cooling off' or 'waiting period' before a judge can legally sign the divorce decree.
If one side disagrees with the divorce settlement, it generally takes longer to resolve the case.
You can speed up your divorce by entering into a separation agreement, which sets out how you and your spouse wish to divide all your property. Divorces are handled by every county, and in order to go through the divorce process, you will have to seek out the county in which you or your spouse resides. If you are considering ending your marriage in the Lone Star state, you might be wondering how long the process takes.
To obtain a divorce in Texas, one of the spouses must have been a Texas resident for at least six months.
Texas is both a fault and a no-fault divorce state, citing seven grounds on which you can base your divorce. To initiate divorce proceedings, one spouse files a Petition for Divorce with the court in the county where he or she lives and serves it on the other spouse. If the spouses agree to the terms of the divorce regarding marital property, debt, alimony, etc., the court will grant the divorce at the hearing.
Spousal support on a temporary basis means support while the divorce is pending and before it concludes.
Once the request for order is assigned a hearing date and served, the other spouse generally files and serves a responsive declaration and the matter then proceeds to hearing.
At the hearing, the judge will typically make a spousal support order so long as the facts merit one.
A spousal support judgment generally comes in one of two ways – the first is by settlement and the second is by a California divorce trial.
Other issues in the case that may cause a divorce to take longer to conclude or for the spousal support issue to get to trial or settlement. If there are no disputes or very few disputes, some divorce cases and spousal support issues can resolve in less than six months. Let’s assume there is a spousal support judgment but, after the judgment, there has been a significant change of circumstances that justifies a modification or there is another legal basis for the modification. However, divorce in Nevada may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on whether or not the divorce is contested.

However, in Nevada, once the divorce papers are filed, there is no waiting period before a divorce may be granted.
In contested cases, the court must schedule a hearing to make decisions about custody, visitation, marital property division, and any other outstanding issues. The amount of time it takes to finalize a divorce in Texas depends on the level of cooperation between the spouses.
Additionally, the filing spouse must have lived in the county in which he or she intends to file a Petition for Divorce for the 90 days preceding the filing. If you want to speed up your divorce, you should simply state that your marriage has simply become "insupportable." This is the no-fault ground under Texas law. Texas law requires the parties to wait at least 61 days until the court holds a hearing on the case. In this article we discuss timelines for both temporary spousal support and a spousal support judgment.
In California, the answer to the question starts with understanding the difference between a temporary order versus a spousal support judgment.
Both spouses can settle the spousal support issues before the hearing and even at the hearing. Temporary orders can be modified while the divorce is pending if there are proper legal grounds. If there are many disputes or the case is complex, getting to a divorce or spousal support judgment can take more than six months and sometimes more than a year. Cordial spouses can obtain a divorce in as little as 61 days, assuming at least one spouse meets the state's residency requirement. Typically, this shortens the amount of time it takes to get divorced, provided that both parties agree to the terms set forth.
What we write here isn’t intended to apply to you specifically but rather provide general information about this topic. There is other paperwork that can be filed and served but, for the sake of brevity, we will skip over that since that is not the purpose of this article. If spousal support is contested and goes to trial, then the judge makes the decision as to the amount and duration of spousal support.
Robert Farzad is an experienced, intelligent and skilled Orange County divorce and family law lawyer.
If the divorce is uncontested and both parties agree on the settlement, the matter can be finalized in just a couple of weeks.

The fault-based grounds include cruelty, adultery, felony conviction, abandonment, or insanity. In this article, we also talk, in general, about how long it takes to get spousal support modified. Also, everything we write here only pertains to California family law matters and no other State. A request for order that asks for spousal support can be filed at the same time as the petition or later.
The spouse requesting a modification files a request for order and the court sets a hearing date. For a comprehensive review of spousal support, check out our page dedicated to California spousal support laws.
Once that request for order is filed, the court gives a hearing date that is generally between 30 to 90 days away.
The most common are starting a hearing but not having time to finish it, not being able to start the hearing because there are other matters that take priority (domestic violence and child custody matters) or one of the spouses requests a continuance. Please do not leave requests for legal advice as we do not give legal advice in the comment section of an article. Just because a spouse (or the spouse’s lawyer) asks for a continuance does not mean he or she will get it. Please check out our Case Results and Client Testimonials Pages which are accessible on the home page and in the side bar on this page. How long it takes to get a hearing date on the spousal support request for order depends, in part, on the family law judge to which the case is assigned. Farzad is available for an affordable strategy session and is ready to help you with your divorce or family law matter.
Obviously, testimonials, case results, articles or anything else written on the pages of this website do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result. None of the testimonials, case results, articles or anything else written on this website, are a guarantee, warranty, prediction or assurance regarding the results that may be obtained in your case.

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