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For all its college level satire, living breathing cityscapes and immersive diversions, at its heart, GTA 5 is about the acquisition of wealth. In a post economic crash GTA, with the public at large wary of big banking, the global economy and share movements, it is rather fitting that the fastest and easiest way to make money outside of heists is the stock market. Shortly after the first heist, Franklin is tasked by Lester to kill a number of high profile businessmen.
Below are the companies you should invest in in tandem with completing the assassination missions. Note that the return on investments appears to vary from player to player and requires careful monitoring of the market post mission to maximize profit. Again, waiting until you have completed the big score will bring you past the $1 billion mark but should you have already completed them, there are other ways to make big bucks on the stock market. The mission for Solomon which tasks Micheal with chasing Molly through the airport can give an investment return of between 100%-300% and as such, represents one of the best returns on investment I have yet found.
The post Big Score mission that tasks the player with killing Stretch, Cheng and Haines in sequence. Here is where I spent a lot of time experimenting, comparing results and seeing how my in-game actions affected the stock market. I made my millions with FlyUS by simply monitoring the market constantly and remembering to buy low and sell high.
This method does of course require careful monitoring of the stock market and settling into a groove of what is a normal low and high for any given company. Saved several times before as well, in case the margin would vary from one attempt to the next and the best I keep getting is around 80%. Nice guide but the some of the reports seem clearly exaggerated (or you were very lucky indeed). In my own experience, the larger 300% increase on Debonaire stock occurred when I played the assassination mission in tandem with the storyline rather than after its completion – perhaps Rockstar placed some artificial cap on stock market increases after the large endgame payout as to limit the exploitation of this aspect of the stock market. Admittedly, the second time around, when doing said mission after the Big Score, my % increase was much lower – I will amend the article to reflect this. I’ll be continuing to play with the market and testing other theories on market manipulation – if you have any methods yourself, feel free to share! I found that after you do the main storyline with the best crew outcome you can do invest debonaire save before doing the multi assassination mission then after wait for the stock to get to its peqkwhich i found came to about 325 and youll gget between 60 to 80 million then do the same for gold coast and by the end i got 130 million in less than a hour .

That said, without spoiling the story too much, our trinity of characters do not accumulate a great deal of cash until the completion of the final score.
Below are a series of rock solid methods of increasing your bank balance, beginning with the most sound.
Note that should you wait until you have finished the main storyline to complete the bulk of the assassination missions your return will be far higher as you have that much more to invest. I recommend staying away from large missions that will not allow you to use your phone until after you have pulled your stocks out. I will add to this list as and when I become aware of other missions that affect the market.
Investing in FlyUS AFTER the mission at this record low can result in a huge return as whilst the stocks might only go back up to $3-$5, the % increase is huge. Investing in AuguryInsurance BEFORE completing this mission will result in a 100%-200% return on investment.
After consulting with other players, it appears that each players market differs slightly and as such, whilst FlyUS was my cash cow, it might not be yours. To make the most from the market, you want to look at low cost shares with the potential for the highest % increase.
Whilst this might seem a mediocre return, should you have bought the shares at the low and soldĀ at the high, you can expect a return of around 25%. FlyUS, DollarPills and other companies are good bets in that whilst their stocks might only increase by a few dollars, the return on an investment of $1 million or more is sizable.
Stick with one company and learn that groove so that you are always turning a profit on your investments and remember to switch characters to maximize your money making potential. I have tried it 3 times now (with 30+mil investments per each character) at the end of the game, logged in and out of rockstar social club, and waiting in between stock market fixes to give it time to reset.
It is equally likely that there were other coincidental changes in the market which attributed to the 300%ish gain or, as you stated, I may have just been very lucky.
Even then, the payout is around the $25-$35 million mark, which means that players are some way off purchasing the high end properties in the game. By investing a large amount of money in those rival companies you can make a large return once you have completed the mission. Completing these missions in tandem with the main storyline alongside other market investments netted me around $45 million before the big score.

Use the quick save function on your phone at regular intervals to find the peak profit and pull out each characters stocks at this point. This one requires careful monitoring to get the largest return so have you phone at the ready. Look at individual companies’ lows and highs though be aware that many companies will not reach the high that is displayed there. Whilst the stock price might only go up a few dollars, your profit return will be higher than with a large stock price company.
Outside of missions that drastically affect the market, a 25% return on investments is huge.
Once you have $40+ million plus in the bank, putting all your money into FlyUS is the easiest way to hit the cash level necessary to purchase the golf club or other high profile locations.
The only exception for me being AUG industries just before doing the Big Score, which reached 99% and then capped.
So how to go from $25 million to $150+ million when gas station robberies and security truck hold ups might only bring in a couple of grand a time? In-game, Franklin only receives the stock market tip once entering the mission, thus meaning that only he can invest in the stock market. I attempted to exploit the passage of time when character’s sleep to speed through stock market changes but this did not appear to affect the stock market as much as simply driving around and allowing time to pass in that way.
I found that monitoring an in-game days worth of movement was enough to show me me which companies’ stock price regularly went up and down. By investing with each character before the mission, everyone can profit from the market manipulation.
Companies with huge fluctuations in price are where you make your money rather than those companies whose stocks are consistently high.

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