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In rete si trovano vari script per aggiungere tutti gli amici agli eventi in un solo colpo senza selezionarli tutti uno per uno da una lista.
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Here’s Three Thought Hacks to Improve Your Thinking Rejection Therapy HOMEABOUTRULESFAQSITEMAPMessed Up Mind? Il limite massimo degli inviti A? limitato a 500 persone, quindi perchA? non aggirare il limite?

Subscribe to the free newsletter for mind hacks and exclusive offers delivered to your inbox.Many books have been written about the effect our thought patterns have, on our relationships, our finances, how we perceive the world and on our own identity. La maniera piA? semplice mi A? sembrata invitare in un colpo 500 amici all’evento con uno script giA  noto su internet (presente successivamente in questa guida) e creare un nuovo evento uguale al primo su cui si inviteranno gli amici mancanti.
Using these should help you think through problems better and ultimately lead you to more desirable outcomes.
You can call these three hacks The Good Question, The Bad Version and The Top Idea.The Good QuestionThe Good Question technique is based on the article The Dangerous Art of the Right Question by Venkat Rao. Venkat explores ways of asking more effective questions, and avoiding easy, useless questions we often settle on.Good questions, Venkat suggests, are “motivated by the specific situation at hand”. If your question seems too broad and general, peel away the few layers of generality –  just as you would ripened jackfruit. It’s actually a fun mental exercise used by television writers to fix broken storylines.
That story idea is obviously bad, but it might stimulate you to think in terms of other engineering solutions, or other monkey-related solutions.

The first step in thinking of an idea that will work is to stop fixating on ideas that won’t. The bad version of an idea moves your mind to a new vantage point.A variation on The Bad Version is to imagine the worst case scenario for a given situation. You may find that psyching yourself up for such a traumatic [fictional] outcome makes the actual event of asking seem almost non-eventful.
And this idea will thus tend to get all the benefit of that type of thinking, while others are starved of it. A bold act of love or service to another might be a way to dethrone a negative top idea and exalt a positive one.Graham suggests forgiveness as a potent strategy for clearing the mind of negative debris so you can make room for a a new top idea.Not know for sure what the top idea in your mind is?

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