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If you see a treble clef, it means that the notes which occupy the lines will be, from bottom to the top, E, G, B, D and F, and the one in the spaces will be F, A, C and E. For example, the higher note on the staff, if we have a treble note, is F, then the next, it will be atop the staff, will be G, the next, will be A and so on. If you use a bass clef, the notes on the lines will be G, B, D, F and A, sorry no mnemonic phrase for this one, and the notes A, C, E and another G will be on the spaces (higher than the previous one).
As you can see, piano is a great instrument to learn music because of its linearity, all notes are spread in front of you.
If you can't read tabs, I will soon put a course on it, sign up to our newsletter or to our twitter to know when it comes out, go at the bottom of the article. To gain time and space, instead of writing the sharps before the C, the F and G each time you use them, you should put the sharps at the beginning of the staff. But this notation has another advantage, imagine this time that you did not wrote the song and you did not know its key, only by looking at the sharps at the beginning of the staff, you can guess that the song is either in the key of A major or F# minor, which narrows the possibilities, doesn't it? It is all for now, you should be able to read the notes, next time we will learn how to read rhythm! And a motivational format consisting of delightful StoryRhymes, Sightreading Bonanzas, and Mr.

Dimitri here with a new course, this time, we will learn the basics of reading sheet music!
The notes closer to the top of the staff have a higher and lighter pitch than those at the bottom of it.
You can use this mnemonic phrase to remember the notes on the lines "Every Good Boy Does Fine" and for the notes on the space, if you didn't noticed, use the word FACE. There are other clef but they appear so rarely that it is not necessary for me to put them in this basic course, maybe in another one. On tab, you have the notes on the staff and below them, their different positions on the neck, knowing most them is part of the mastering of the guitar's neck. That is because instead of having a different position for G and G# or Gb, we put a sharp, #, or a flat, b, in front of G, or any other note we need. Each key and its relative always have the same sharps of flats (never the two at the same time), and can be recognize by their key signature (the number of accidentals). Even I would probably buy it, and I've been making fun of the whole process for seven slides.
What matters is the position of theses symbols, they are always in this order, to help you remember them, you can look at the clef.

There are notes outside of the staff, the one above the staff are higher than the ones on the staff. If you have read the previous course, here, you may remember that one of the good points of sheet music is that it gives more informations on the song than a tab. You already know that A major and F# minor have three sharps but F major and D minor have one flat and C major and A minor have no sharps nor flats at all. It is a form of music notation, or a way to write which pitch we play, in which order and for how long, if we actually play something. For the treble clef, look at the curl, G ,the second line from the bottom, passes through it, yes like its name.
So, the G clef passes through the G line and the F clef passes through the F line, pretty straight forward isn't?

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