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Imagine that you come home from a long, stressful day of work, and youA walk inside of your house to find that you’re in The Twilight Zone. You are celebrated for finishing 100,000+ words, by people that acknowledge the difficulty, but you forget their kind words when you run into aA snobby, elitist, veteran who has run that endless hallway 100 times over, and knows it inside and out. So if you’re a writer that wants to cross the finish line, try to make yourself a schedule. Your vision blurs, you lose your balance, and you end up in aA longA hallway lined with doors. When you pull the letters together they form a word, and when you pull several together the words become a page.
It’s a lonely journey, you miss out on the rooms full of fun that your friends are all playing in, and you are looked at as some sort of freak.
It’s what I did to get through my first run down the hall, and if I can do it, you can do it too.

The word 'Man' comes with a variety of definitions from many different people who (respectfully) have their own means and agendas doesn't it? Loneliness breeds trolls, it breeds sociopaths, it breeds a culture of exclusivity that will tell people not to buy your books, or discredit you as not only a writer but a human being, along with a whole lot of other mess.
It is what you have always wanted to do–write something wonderful–but who wants to spend all that time arranging letters? The next door has a new PC, fast internet, and your Facebook profile is beckoning you to hop on and engage with friends and family.
The fabled muse, whose sexy elusiveness forces you to bow to her will whenever she does show up. GET BETTER!” At this point your tired, worn-through, broken body (that only stayed uprightA because ofA the ballooned ego that your friends and family have helped expand) is thrown down and stomped on.
You have to actively plan, put things in your calendar, and live and die by the demand of a planner or a to-do list.

But, if you want to get your story out, to have the accomplishment, to start the journey, you must set aside the time. You close the door fast (that Facebook crack rock is mean!), now understanding that theA doorsA all lead to comfortable, fun things, but you want to know what’s at the end of the hall. You have to take Carlo for a ride, tell Mike it was only business…you always liked him.
Would you even finish, or would you post up at the breakfast buffet for bottomless pancakes? Run the hall, and when you get to the end, dust those elitist haters off, and run that bitch again.

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