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Statistics about how much people use their smartphones seem to constantly contradict one another. In her Internet Trends 2013 slide presentation, Mary Meeker tells us that we check our phones 150 times a day, between apps, voice calls, texts, and utilities. As Experian itself notes, many smartphone owners in their panel never complete any of the tracked activities, including video-watching, gaming, or social networking (only 52% of the panel engaged in social networking on their smartphone on a typical day).
Mary Meeker and Tomi Ahonen’s compulsive phone-checker sounds possible, but many of those interactions with the phone may last a second or two — a glance at the time on the lock screen, for example. On top of that a comic-like layout breaks the content into panels which allows you to control the pacing and flow of information as each panel progressively reveals more.
A while back I shared how to be inspired by others and included links to two comic-style elearning courses.
In today’s post I’m going to show three ways to build a comic-style layout for your courses. Deciding how to use the layouts will help you best determine which types of layouts you need. Create watermarked panels on the master slide and use them as guides to control placement of your content. I like this approach because you can move each object in the panel and the overlaid master image masks any overflow to create the illusion of panels.
The first time I saw this: Broken Co-Worker (Articulate Storyline) I was astonished and wanted that, but thought it was difficult and implied a lot of work and effort. Today, thanks to this post, which I’ve followed practising with it (I mean, I opened Power Point 2010 and started doing things while I listened to Tom), I think I could do it. Some of the clip art is assigned to a style and you can locate it in the properties of the clip art.
The post has a couple of links to some good sites that may inspire some ideas and possible layouts. Great Info again and thanks for the screen casts of the broken coworker in the comments above. I’ll have to try this with the characters and effects I use from eLearningstock especially the customizable animated ones! The Rapid E-Learning Blog shares practical tips & tricks to help you become a rapid elearning pro. It is hosted byTom Kuhlmann who has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the training industry and currently runs the community at Articulate.

But more recently, Experian Marketing Services came up with a much lower number for how much time U.S. It’s a great way to still have the simplicity of a linear course, but make it seem more engaging.
To keep it simple we’ll use PowerPoint, but the ideas should work regardless of the tool you use. You could attend a comic book convention, but you’ll probably have to wear a goofy costume. Here’s an example I shared in this blog post on using Clip Art to create your elearning template.
Review the two elearning examples above and notice how the layouts follow a consistent pattern.
You can have as many masters as you like so the best bet is to create all of the possible layouts that you’d use in a single file. The benefit to this is that you have the general layout mapped, but you’re not confined by the panels if your content doesn’t fit perfectly. This gives you more control over the panels because you have direct access to them since they’re not buried in the masters. Instead of messing with a bunch of images and trying to get everything laid out perfectly, just create a series of layout images that you place on top of your content.
The trick is to determine the type of layout you want and how to get the content into the panels with the least amount of work.
Once you decide the type of layout you want, then you need to determine how you will get the content into the panels. Learn an assortment of production tips, interactive video, and how to build interactive elearning. Connect with your peers in the Toronto area and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop. Connect with your peers in the northeast and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop. Connect with your peers in the Pacific Northwest and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop.
Connect with your peers in Texas and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop. Connect with your peers in the British Columbia and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop. I am working on a comic-themed business writing course in Storyline and this post came just at the right time.

I’m not a fan of Comic Sans, like many I suppose ?? I do like Tom’s choice of font at the top of this post and am wondering if this is from the free fonts distributed on this blog in an earlier post?? I’d really like to be able to replicate what they have done with the assessing and feedback in this scenario. If each interaction lasted an average of one minute, that would mean we are on our phones for over two hours a day. Every time a user starts a session on an app that has Flurry’s analytics technology installed, that activity is recorded.
As Ahonen himself has written, his 150-times-daily statistic originated in 2010 with Nokia, which used it to trumpet the rise of mobile. A better solution is to go to one of those comic creation sites and see what types of layouts they offer.
For example, you may have one type of layout for information, another for decision-making, and another for feedback.
This way you always know that the inserted fill image fits perfectly inside the PowerPoint shape. Your slide for each layout you provide should consist of a master slide with the same page layout and the page layout image on the actual slide that acts as the cover. It’s fairly cheap and has lots of possible layouts and makes working with photos and dialogue balloons really easy.
It’s a great example of what can be achieved with a little creative thinking of how to use the tools that exist within Storyline. You can probably connect with Ryan or Anna in the Articulate community if you have specific questions.
Based on their activity, Experian calculates an average amount of time the panelists spend on various mobile tasks — including texting, calling, and gaming — and then produces an average. Not all smartphone owners spend a lot of time in their apps, and many may not play games at all.
It’s that type of contrast that can hook your learners who might be bored with the standard-looking corporate elearning. Also, Pixton looks interesting because of the ability to create characters and pose them in different ways although it looks like it could be costly for an entire course.

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