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Bethesda’s open-world RPGs have been heavily invested in crafting systems for several years now, but Fallout 4 takes the idea to a new level. Subscribe to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors.
PC Gamer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERFor a game about the gradual rebuilding of society after its cataclysmic end, Fallout 4 manages to be primitive and unfinished in all the wrong ways.
The exact moment that you realize you shouldn’t have put so many character points into Charisma. Yes, I know you don’t have electricity or running water, but sacrifices had to be made to achieve this. Outside of your grim adventures in babysitting, you’ll have plenty of quests to keep you occupied. And yet every single point of contention could be muted if the game were executed with an appropriate level of polish. Of course this isn’t a glitch, the radiation has just resulted in a terrible human-desk hybrid creature.
Overlooking the technical foibles is even more difficult by visuals that seem pulled from a prior generation. A settlement inspired by Fort Oberland itself, this one seems impenetrable and offers a ton of space to its settlers. I am not entirely sure how this was created, but it does look like humanity has a hope to get back to how things were in the past. I am sure that people will manage to build things that are even more spectacular, but these will surely remain in history as some of the best ever built. It wouldn't be a Microsoft E3 press conference without some mention of Halo and this year brought the reveal of Halo Wars 2.
When you first leave Vault 111 to brave the new world, notice the display case on the way out. Every broom, bucket, and battery in the Commonwealth can be broken down into component parts.
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When it comes time to choose your characters abilities, you will discover that this new design philosophy has made drastic cuts to the options available in earlier iterations of the series. In a previous title, you could create statistics that would match certain natural abilities but over time invest in specific skills that might or might not be directly in line with those early choices. In every other game in the franchise, you are the one to decide who you are, by way of your choices and actions within the world. The character is established as a devout family man (or woman), and your dialogue choices from the prologue to the very end are characterized by a four-point system: Yes, No, Sarcasm, or a general query for more information. VATS returns, though the lack of control over your character building makes accuracy and range feel extremely haphazard. But plenty of games do just fine with linear progression, and Fallout 4 has a big open world for your to explore.
The initial brushes with life and color fade quickly into the same dozen or so dead trees dotting a wretched trash-strewn landscape. There’s a whole lot of junk to pick up, packed into every corner of post-apocalyptic Boston. It is a central aspect of gameplay and comes with a whole new set of challenges and achievements.
Getting items to line up properly is an exercise in frustration only trumped by wiring power to those elements that require it. In my time with the game I have had to revert to previous saves dozens of times, in every variety of situation imaginable.
The game is capable of looking beautiful, but I never found an instance where that beauty was the result of any special technical achievement. Well if you desire to settle down in sanctuary and create your own little bubble, you now can.Upon arriving at sanctuary for the first time, it is possible to never leave and develop a growing, thriving community, using a few cheap tricks of course.

I am sure one of those people and even though I probably have over 6 hours invested in settlement development, mine never manage to look like anything we’re going to see below. My goal is definitely to create something similar, now that I know that sky’s the limit in this game! You’d think that the options are limited, but this shows that they are quite limitless. The creator of this amazing settlement invested 40+ hours in creating it, but it all paid out – definitely one of the best settlements out there! Head to the USS Constitution, the giant pirate ship beside Bunker Hill.  Start the quest to help Captain Ironsides and his robot crew restore their airship to its former glory.
Do yourself a favour and grab the Junk Jet — a gun that collects junk you find and unleashes it upon your foes. Getting a glimpse of a long-gone era sets the stage for a dramatic presentation of the world after the apocalypse. Skills have been cut completely; in their place you get a single character point to spend each time you level up on stats or perks. Perks came along once in a while as a sort of wildcard, shoring up weaknesses or adding personality to your player character. Dialogue choices vary wildly enough that you could just as easily play as the main character of Father Knows Best as Dexter. There is very little indication as to how the investment of your points will affect the way you fight, and some bonuses seem to apply exclusively to either VATS commands or real-time combat. All of the debris you collect can be dropped off at a settlement, then broken down into core components for use in building and upgrading these miniature colonies.
Even when you can talk your way through a situation, it will almost never actually get you out of a fight.
You’ll stick on terrain, making it easy to empathize with AI companions and enemies that do the same.
Characters look better than they have before, but it’s wholly due to throwing more polygons at them. Some people really manage to build up some amazing settlements that look great and I am sure are best to live in after the nuclear apocalypse. An amazing structure that offers great views over the wasteland and will surely be a nice home to future residents. Located at the very depths of Dunwich Borders at the bottom of a manhole — don’t attempt this unless you are at least level 15.
Fight off the waves of scavengers and later in the quest, you’re presented with the option to side with the scavengers or Captain Ironsides — help Ironsides and he will present the Broadsider Cannon to you as reward. It requires a master lock picking skill to unlock, so you’ll have to come back for it later.
During a Brotherhood of Steel mission, you will be tasked to fight through Arcjet Systems until you reach a utility room. Character creation takes place in front of a bathroom mirror, with your spouse commenting on your face as you mold it like virtual clay. If you wanted to be a character that relies on his intellectual abilities, you could do that while still finessing your way through melee combat with a combination of skils and speed. Choices, from the mundane to the dramatic, have always allowed you to interpret the world and your place within it as you chose. If you do find a structure to explore, it will almost always look nearly identical to others you’ve encountered. The days of smooth talkers, diplomats, or cunning con artists are long gone in favor of battles that start feeling very familiar after the first several dozen shootouts in the rubble. VATS will give you a 90% chance to hit an enemy, but the bullets will spark midflight off of an invisible obstacle as you’re peppered to death with hot lead.
Some simply forget to fight you, others charge furiously into corners while screaming for you to stop hiding. Animation is straight out of older games, and the faces range from reasonably decent to terrifying trips into the uncanny valley. Sanctuary is probably one of the best places to hang your hat, but you’ll find little loot there, never mind something as precious as a crystal.

If you need inspiration for your own settlements, this is the place to be as we have for you the best settlements in Fallout 4 below! The excavation site is littered with raiders, take them out and travel to the lower levels.
Either, invest some points into the locksmith perk or grab your companion Cait — she comes with the ability to tackle any locks, given you have the bobby pins for it. In Fallout 4, you cannot even craft the most basic upgrades to your armor without a significant investment in raw physical strength. The differentiation is barely more than a palette swap in most cases, and the similarity becomes very confusing when you’re trying to navigate your way through. Those survivors will need sustainable food, clean water, and fortifications to defend them against raiders and roaming mutant terrors. Instead of leveraging its somewhat primitive graphics into performance gains for a wider audience, the game stumbles on the most basic levels. There is an enormous amount of content through which to sift, and diehard fans of Bethesda’s approach to virtual sandboxes will be rewarded with dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of exploration. Bethesda’s decision not to include more precise control of your appearance is indicative of the experience as a whole.
Future points can then be invested in the perks themselves, amplifying their potency or otherwise expanding their effect.
When one pile of slightly different garbage is your only landmark, backtracking becomes a pretty regular occurrance.
Lighting, shadows, and texture streaming are still huge issues, and the game is capable of making even high-end systems chug for no apparent reason. Keep loading your last save and searching through the crates until you come across a crystal liquor decanter, which you can break down and extract the crystal from.Build your beacon and of course a generator to keep it running.
There are no real consequences to just abandoning these activities altogether, and even people left for weeks without food or water won’t do anything more than whine a bit if you pass by.
Just stick that old basketball into the workbench, and when a recipe calls for rubber, the bench will strip down the ball automatically. To reach the highest levels of these basic weapons, though, you’ll need to invest a couple of points in Gun Nut.
The most advanced weapons, like the Fat Man launcher, Minigun, and Flamer, will require three or four levels in Gun Nut.
That walking tank is good for almost any situation, but most people like to wear armor underneath. If you ever need to go without your power armor, it would be good to have some protection on hand.Armor crafting options are much more limited than weaponsmithing or modifying power armor.
Still, you can take any vanilla piece of armor in your kit and make it stronger, lighter, and better for your type of character. Depending on your character, you’ll want different modifications for different bonuses. Keep in mind that most melee characters will need the Blacksmith perk to add melee bonuses to their armor. Do you need an empty bottle of antifreeze?The only real solution to this problem is to tag ingredients for a search. With the magnifying glass, you can see that you don’t need that toy rocketship, but the toy car will get you something useful.
Use nearby settlements to plant more of these three cash crops, then head to the cooking station. Look for the Utility category, select Vegetable Starch, and combine 3 corn, 3 Mutfruit, 1 purified water, and 3 Tato. Hidden behind this house is a rusty chemistry station, the leftover from a pre-War meth operation in the Boston suburbia.The oil recipe is more dependant on scrounging than farming.

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