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Fallout 4 sends you off into the Commonwealth wasteland with just a 10-millimeter peashooter, which isn’t going to cut it for protecting yourself against much more than radroaches.
This pistol packs a powerful punch, and even though it crosses your path pretty early in the main storyline, it remains relevant throughout the game.
You actually meet Kellogg before you ever leave the vault, but it takes a little while before you can find him again and take his pistol.
Like Kellogg’s Pistol, this is one of the earlier powerful weapons that people tend to find. As you head south toward Diamond City, you’ll pick up a distress radio beacon from the Cambridge Police Department. The types of ammo you rely on can sometimes be in short supply, so even if you’re not going for a strength-based brawler, having a reliable melee weapon with you is always a good idea.
The axe is located in a locked case (advanced) behind the counter on the first floor of Hubris comics. This nasty piece of work does a whopping 57 damage that increases the more you hit the same victim.
Most of the game’s shotguns are slow firing, slow to load, have terrible range, and feature small magazines. It resides in a raider settlement called Libertalia, on the water to the northeast of the airport. 10-millimeter ammo is everywhere, and this suppressed pistol is one of the best uses for it.
Alexis Combes sells the Overseer’s Guardian for around 3000 caps in vault 81, which is located east of the city, and south from the Beantown Brewery. It’s just like a regular Fat Man personal nuclear warhead launcher, but it launches two nukes at once. You can simply buy this from Arturo Rodriguez in the Diamond City market, but it’s stupidly expensive.
Based on the same cryogenics technology that brought you 200 years into the post-apocalypse future, this weapon will freeze many enemies solid with continued fire. Gamma weapons can be hit or miss, since (understandably) a lot of enemies have radiation resistance. The Artifact Gun is one of the possible rewards at the end of a quest chain for the Cabot family in Cabot House, south of Bunker Hill.
Every Fallout game has featured an alien blaster, a rare, small, and powerful energy weapon of unearthly origins. There are conflicting rumors about what exactly triggers the alien saucer crash needed for you to get the gun. Unlike many of the weapons on this list, the Shishkebab has a chance of dropping randomly from any legendary enemies.
The Tooth is located at the very bottom of the caves beneath Dunwich Borers, a quarry in the northeast section of the map near the Salem Witch Museum. The game starts slow as you learn to survive, and it can feel like ages before you find a kick-ass weapon, let alone one with enough ammunition to use for anything more than special occasions. Featuring staggering stopping power paired with decent range and accuracy, Kellogg’s Pistol fills the classic video game niche of the magnum revolver. Fortunately, unlike Kellogg’s it relies on the far more common fusion cell to work, which are everywhere once you start to fight synths. Follow it and you’ll find a stranded Brotherhood of Steel platoon holding off an onslaught of feral ghouls.

This axe does serious damage, too, and the staggering it causes is especially useful if you need it to fight your way out of a rough spot. The one exception — and easily one of the best weapons in the game — is Le Fusil Terribles. Complete the Tradecraft quest with Deacon, which involves infiltrating an old Railroad hideout, and he’ll give Deliverer to you afterward in gratitude. A rarity among vaults, 81 is still an actually functional society, devoted to medical research. Start saving early if you want it, and maybe invest in a few of the bartering-boosting perks.
The case requires master lockpicking to break, but there is a known glitch that you can get it very early with just the help of Dogmeat, which we detailed here. This is the best gamma weapon since it also has the added bonus of delivering a telekinetic blast, which will knock your enemies on their butts like you’re Yoda.
The quest The Secret of Cabot House will lead you to the basement of an old insane asylum in the northern part of the Commonwealth, where you will quickly be faced with a choice. It does a ton of damage, but relies on a special round that you likely won’t find any more of than the 400 or so it comes with. Light flames lick the blade as you carry it around, flaring up dramatically when you swing. If you don’t happen upon it otherwise, head to Finch Farm, toward the northeast corner of the map.
The Fallout series has a long history of allusions to the works of 20th century horror writer H.P. Fight your way through raiders and down to a chamber at the bottom, where you will see a brief vision of gathered cultists around a small pool of water.
This .45 mm sub-machine gun comes tricked out with all sorts of advanced mods, including a suppressor, and is fully customizable to suite your taste, if so inclined.
If she has not set up shop in Bunker Hill, you can find her wandering around the Commonwealth, sometimes stopping at Vault 81, the Warwick Homestead, and Diamond City.
Fortunately, several of the weapons on the list below are not very hard to acquire relatively early in the game, which should give you a leg up in tracking down the harder-to-acquire ones on your constant path to mastering the wasteland.
Eventually you’ll get to a quest called Reunion, where Dogmeat will lead you and Nick to Kellogg by the scent of his cigars.
Critical hits do double damage and are ready more frequently, making this especially effective in VATS. If you have high luck, then this stacks beautifully with the Better Criticals and Critical Banker perks to dish out hot, lasery justice.
We recommend just coming prepared, and maybe tossing a molotov cocktail or two into the back of the store right when they peek in.
It loads 32 shells at a time and showcases impressive damage, especially for its range, with a special ability that just slathers on more damage and makes it especially good for blasting off limbs. If you cozy up to the Institute you will end up there as part of a quest, but you can get it any time. Since it’s an otherwise normal, fully-moddable short-barreled combat rifle you can trick it out to do an absurd amount of damage.
To earn their trust and gain entry you either need to give them three fusion cores or be a smooth talker. Help the son, Lorenzo, and in about a week’s time you can come back and he will have made the Artifact Gun for you. If you have a maxed out Science perk, it is possible to mod the gun to work with fusion cells at a slight hit to damage, but until then, you will only want to use the Alien Blaster when you need it most.

In any event, at some point there will be a noise and streak of light in the sky that your companion might comment upon.
Note that the energy damage from the flames does not scale up with more strength or melee damage modifiers. There Abraham Finch will send you to the Saugus Ironworks to reclaim his family sword (and then promptly give it to you, in gratitude). Jump into the pool and you will find an underwater chamber that contains the Tooth on an altar. The special sauce that really sets it apart is that it makes all of its ammo explosive, causing 15 area-of-effect damage with every hit. It also very rarely can be found from other random merchants, or dropped by legendary raiders.
He will ask you to come help him collect some equipment from nearby ArcJet Systems, which is swarming with synths. He’s a nasty piece of work himself, so bring a lot of explosives and keep your distance. Invest in the Gun Nut and Rifleman perks and this gun can take out nearly anything in the Commonwealth in one shot.
One tip for collecting more is if super mutant suicide bombers are charging at you, aim for their heads, rather than their bombs. It comes with a generous supply of cryo cell ammunition, but finding more is extremely difficult, so use it judiciously.
Compared to earlier iterations from previous Fallout games that relied on a backpack-mounted motorcycle fuel tank to keep it lit, this new design is svelte, with a small fuel tank on the back side of the blade.
Be sure to take of your power armor first if you’re wearing any, since it will get stuck at the bottom of the pool. The ammo scavenging perk is helpful in this regard, but for the most part, you’re going to want to save this gun for particularly rough battles or for devastating sneak attacks. He has quite a few synth friends and likes to use a stealth boy, so get ready for a pretty serious boss fight. Once that has happened, head to Oberland Station west of Diamond City and go northeast toward the Beantown Brewery.
The base appears to have also received an upgrade from a makeshift sword to a Japanese wakizashi (the katana’s smaller sibling).
Kremvh’s Tooth is a cult sacrificial knife that poisons its victims on top of exceptional base damage.
Be careful, though, since in close quarters the explosions can do friendly fire to you or your companions. Fortunately for your trouble, his clothes are also a decent set of unique armor that is likely better than anything else you’ve found to that point. Afterward he generously rewards you with his personal gun and invites you to join the Brotherhood of Steel. This is the perfect implement for wastelanders that prefer the sneaky-stabby approach to Fallout.
Follow the trail of green blood into a cave where you will find its wounded pilot, whom you can kill for this weapon.

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