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Read below for ideas that will add to the value of your home and allow you to increase its listing price. After location, good light is the one thing that every buyer cites that they want in a home. Make sure your garden is lovely, the landscape appealing, and you don’t have tangled branches, weeds or overgrown grass. Are your floors scuffed, linoleum rotted underneath in spots or do the floors creak incessantly?
While some homeowners might think the only way to jazz up a dated kitchen is a full-on remodeling job … a much less costly alternative: buying a new stove. For more advice on home sales, home selling tips and home buyer advice, read this and all of my past and future blogs. The Bible defines Faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Wherever you are, whatever yo do, you do believe something, you do have hope for something. If a faith as big as 'a mustard seed' could move a mountain, then the faith needed to get a job should be smaller than a mustard seed, don't you think so? What causes someone to be so unfortunate to the extent of creating constant negative results? When they show up for an interview, they make sure they are late, untidy, blurry in their speech.
In the book of Matthew 17, the disciples of Jesus were sent to heal and exorcise people from demons.
In the same way, some people have enough faith to heal a cough, but need a bigger faith to heal cancer or HIV. You will not attract a million dollars if the size of your faith can't even get you to pay the rent on time! How will your faith get you to win the soccer world cup, if the very same faith can't even get you to win a local tournament?
The problem with many Christians,is that we want to move from A (beginning) to Z ( the end) while skipping all the other letters.
Do you now understand why so many Christians filled with the Holy Ghost can't win anything, can't get jobs, can't get healed, or delivered, can't live their purpose? Unfortunately, some Christians run away and get selective of the challenges presented to them. By the time of this writing, I have been tithing for a year, and God always met my needs as He promised in His Word.
Those people will inspire you through their lives but also with instructions on how to make your hopes come to reality.
If you hope for a great romantic relationship, you should get in contact with those who had long lasting and successful relationships.
If you are hoping to become a successful business person, you should connect with other successful business people who will  make you believe that it is possible.

The reason why Jesus complained about his disciples little faith, was because they were in constant contact with Him. In other words, a gathering in prayer is an aggregate of individual agreements but also of individual faiths. Therefore, if your faith is not enough to heal a serious sickness, join it with someone else faith. If you are seeking for financial wealth through prayer, I think it would be best to pray with someone who believes and has experienced financial breakthrough.
A prayer partner who has positive experience in the field of your prayer request would be a perfect 'faith buddy' who can contaminate your faith for growth. Make sure that a potential buyer NEVER walks in and says, “Wow the home doesn’t get much light.” Open the curtains and window shades. Take down the drapes, clean the windows, change the lampshades, increase the wattage of your light bulbs and cut the bushes outside to let in sunshine – it will make it more sellable.
Don’t make the assumption that the buyer will understand that renovations are a normal part of buying thus the floors will be a non-issue.
Faith produces fruits, and the size of the fruits is proportional to the size of our Faith.
Those who constantly earn considerable amounts of money, really believe that they can be recipients of that kind of cash.
They always win, always get more, always earn more and more, they always get the job, the right friends.
They often predict negative outcomes in everything they see, the world is always an horrible place to live. They did well for most of their mission but they butted themselves against an obstacle: ' a young boy was possessed by a strong demon who would not leave his body.
They can attract 5 dollars, but they need a bigger faith to attract 8000 dollars as a regular income.That's the reason why some people succeed in small challenges, but failed in bigger ones.
And because of a lack of achievements and results, they lack past references to increase their convictions for future challenges.
When we tithe our income, we believe that we can live with 90% of our income, and that God will meet our needs where we fall short.
I used to be scared and thought that I would always fall short if I tithed my income, but on the contrary, I am better off with 90% of my income than I was with 100% of my income.
Please, understand very well what I am typing:' When you get in touch with people who have achieved what you hope for, your faith will grow. This is why I always encourage people to get mentors, and live around those who 'crossed the rivers' to the other side. Your faith has a specific size, but when joined with other people's faith, a bigger faith comes to life. If your faith is not enough to get a job, join it with someone else faith to get a miracle.
I recommend that you pray with someone who had a successful experience in the field of your prayer request.

As an experienced realtor, I advise my clients all of the following very useful tips, but you can benefit now just by reading.
Wax or stain wood floors, repair a weak spot and remember, the front door is the first impression to the home. If you have a two car garage, there should be only two cars parked – that doesn’t exclude twenty years of storage as well. By using a 'mustard seed' as a size of reference, Jesus has set a standard that could be placed (or compared) against our own faith. By using the terms 'little faith' rather than 'no faith', Jesus acknowledged that men always have faith for something.
Have you ever seen a rich man being bankrupt and bouncing back into wealth few weeks later? Because by the time you will face 'Z' which is the final challenge, the size of your faith will still be proportional to the letter 'A' level (the beginners level). But by the time He meets us, the size of our faith is not enough to turn us in the final picture He has in mind for us. Every time, David was running from Saul, he remembered his past reference:' defeating Goliath', and by doing that, he believed that nothing is impossible. Knock out a wall or open a closed off room–anything that opens up the space will create a sense of fluidity which is typically very appealing to buyers.
Just like in the story mentioned at the beginning of this post, whatever you have surrounding you, is a fruit produced by the size of your current faith.
The size of the faith that belongs to  level 'A' is no match to the challenge at level 'Z'.
Especially this year, since home and design trends this season are minimalistic, modern and clean. You can read more advice on staging in my article Top Five Tips to Prepare a Home for Sale. David knew he was called to be King of Israel, but it took him over a decade of miracles to reach King hood. Read my blog from January 7, 2014, Top Home Design and Remodeling Trends for 2014 to use as a reference for what is hot and selling right now!
Moses had a speech impediment when God called him to release the Israelite people from Egypt, he had doubts in the beginning and he had to see the 10 plagues of God over the Egyptian to have the faith that split the red sea. If Moses had not experienced the miracles of God through the 10 plagues against the Egyptian, I am sure that he would have failed to split the Red Sea.

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