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Citing study after study (perhaps too many for an otherwise enjoyable read) Baumeister and Tierney argue willpower actually comes from the muscle of the mind and that it can be strengthened. I hope thinking about willpower as being affected by the muscle of the brain rather than some kind of personality issue gives you hope for accomplishing some of those goals you’ve been thinking about.
Fascinating stuff Don, really enlightening, and gives me hope about making important changes in my life.
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This series has always felt more exciting in concept than execution, but with all of these new names being added to the roster, it may finally be just crazy enough to work.

If you’re trying to lose weight, get out of debt, get married, build a rocket ship and write a symphony, chances are you’re going to fail. You have to set yourself up for success, as you described with proper nutrition, rest, and going at a reasonable pace. More than one study revealed that when glucose levels are low, people have much less discipline. But before going to drink that milkshake (so you can resist that milkshake) know that high glycemic foods cause a spike and then a decline in glucose levels, making willpower even more difficult. The authors argue we’re better off choosing one, simple resolution and going easy on ourselves as we build our muscles.

Ever notice how you have more willpower in the morning than in the evenings, and after a meal as opposed to when you’re hungry? I loved you, I still do, but now I'm brokenhearted, I let you in, I gave you my all, but you just played with my heart, you lied.

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