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Subscribe now for your Next 30 Days Biz Planner, weekly updates and invitations to exclusive subscriber-onlyA¬†training! I read the first three chapters of a book the other day in the form of a freebie download .pdf. We’re close to a Waterstones shop so I phoned them to find out whether they had said book in stock.
Now, I don’t know about you but I just thought that I spend enough time in front of the computer as it is and this time I wanted a proper, published book.

It's probably a lost cause, and I'll have to try making them myself from scratch, but I thought I would put it out there. I do know that as the only place I can get the little pancakes for crispy duck, which are a different thing again. I think I have seen these in the import section of Coop (different brand, the bigger coops that is). I could have bought the whole book as a download .pdf for a few pence less (and no postage) and had it immediately.

The total cost will be roughly half what I’d have paid new in the store, estimated delivery is any time from about six days to a couple of weeks hence. Women aged 40+ are my specialty because you have SO much to give that hasn't yet been tapped into :-) Latest posts by Linda Mattacks (see all)Your personal values and your business brand - April 30, 2014Why should I do business business with you?

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