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Instead, new investors should turn their attention to stocks that can serve as the foundation of their portfolio, stocks with a proven track record for quietly beating the market averages year after year. Compound growth a la reinvested dividends is how you can reliably turn a small fortune into a big fortune in the stock market. 3M is a top stock for new investors for many of the same reasons as Exxon Mobil with the added benefit of strong research and development and diversification across industries.
3M is also diversified, with products in many industries and revenue sources spread throughout the world. 3M has actually underperformed the market over the past ten years (not including dividend performance), as shown in the chart below. This is exactly the kind of stock that new investors can look to for stability, dividend growth, diversification and international exposure.
Start with a solid base of dividend stocks that are stable, known for growing their dividends, are diversified across industries and offer international exposure. Four months from now Apple will be releasing the most technologically advanced phone on the planet.A A And cautious estimates have them selling 200 million of them.
When people think of Tesla, what immediately comes to mind is the worlda€™s first electric car. Sign-up for Daily Profit and each day you'll receive profitable stock recommendations and useful stock market insights that can add wealth to your portfolio immediately.
For investors wary of the downside, selling a long term put option in the money will net far more income than the present 1.3% yield. However (even for income purposes), my opinion is that when doing your due diligence on stock selection fundamentals and the pay-out ratio should always trump the dividend yield. The one fundamental metric that fails is the company's recession performance which makes sense for a premium brand such as Starbucks. Furthermore, Starbucks's new loyalty program definitely seems to have more advantages than drawbacks as customers who previously put through low priced transactions just to avail of stars for the loyalty program will now have to spend more as the new layout means that stars are based on every dollar spent. I like also the "Ultra Premium Starbucks Reserve" initiative where the company plans to roll out 500 reserve stores across all of its markets where specialized coffee will be served along with premium leaf loose tea. Furthermore, the subscription model will definitely serve new customers and existing customers who are temporarily away from their regular stores and should increase EBITDA margins over time (see below).
To sum up, I wouldn't dismiss Starbucks stock at present despite its earnings multiple being above historical averages. All information provided "as is" for informational purposes only, not intended for trading purposes or advice. Neither Amigobulls nor any of the data providers is liable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein. Unfortunately, all of the company’s so-called failures were, for the most part, really minor, save, of course, for the fact that the company wasn’t profitable. What this argument fails to note is what Amazon is amazing at: providing everything under the sun to consumers in every corner of the country and getting it to them in record time. First things first, Cyber Monday rang in record sales that topped $3.0 billion for the first time ever.
While Cyber Monday was a clear win for Amazon, it’s important to remember that the hopping day is no longer a one-day event.
The success of Amazon isn’t just that it provides consumers with choice and it’s not just because it has a great online presence. The second a consumer hits “purchase” they’re not necessarily thinking about the great deal they got; instead, they usually want to know whether that product they just purchased will get to them by the delivery time promised and that they actually receive what they ordered. One of the main reasons Amazon can deliver on its sales is because it has the most exhaustive fulfillment and warehousing operations. Most recently, the company announced it is opening two new centers near Columbus totaling more than 1.8 million square feet.
Fast delivery is another trademark of Amazon, but for those who think next-day delivery and one-hour delivery aren’t quick enough, “Prime Air,” Amazon’s future drone delivery system, is designed to get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less.
Other brands and businesses will try and cut into Amazon’s business model, but the company’s commercial properties and state-of-the-art fulfillment technology has certainly created a high barrier to entry. The company may have issues, but it’s a juggernaut doing what no one else does—or rather what no one else can, for now, making AMZN stock quite attractive. It makes sense, then, to buy shares of healthy businesses that arena€™t going anywhere anytime soon and to buy these shares at a reasonable price. In fact over the past 31 years Exxon Mobil has raised its dividend each year by an average of 6.3%.

When you reinvest dividends by using them to purchase additional shares, your next dividend check will include dividends on the new shares you purchased.
However 3M is one of the worlda€™s top innovators for products used for safety, electronics, graphics, energy, healthcare and industry.
And with this big dividend boost the company is still only paying out 45% of its earnings to shareholders. 3M only generates 36% of its revenue in the United States and is well positioned to continue growing with developing and emerging markets. There may come a time for speculation in companies developing hot technologies that are spreading like wildfire. Our research is guided by a simple principle: avoid risk and focus on buying assets at a discount.
However with the stock trading at just over $61 a share which gives a present earnings multiple of 37, some analysts believe it is trading at fair value (or even overvalued) despite the chain's excellent growth prospects.
For example, in Starbuck's last fiscal year, it did $2.76B in net income and paid out $928 million which gives us a pay-out ratio of less than 34%.
Firstly, despite being the market leading retailer of specialized coffee in the US, growth is nowhere near being topped out at present. The new loyalty program will reward its best customers even more which should over time strengthen its brand even further so I expect attrition to be minimal long term.
All these measures (along with huge growth in China) illustrate to me that top line growth will remain elevated going forward. Last quarter, margins continued to expand and the online channel plus the premium initiative should act as a tailwind for both margins and top-line growth going forward. In recent months the company has bought Keurig, Krispy Kreme, Einstein Bagels and Caribou Coffee.
In line with the decline in profitability, the return ratios of the stocks have also taken a beating. If you have been following Amazon stock’s performance, its growth this year has maybe not been entirely unexpected. Back in January, when Amazon was trading at $315.00 per share, I read an article that highlighted numerous reasons why Amazon is dead money in 2015. However, I don’t know a solitary consumer who cares about that and it seems a lot of investors are prepared to overlook that metric, as well. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, Cyber Monday is simply the starting point for the retail sales holiday, which runs the entire month of December. In North America alone, Amazon has 80 fulfillment centers with a total of nearly 60 million square feet. In addition, Amazon has close to 20 dedicated sortation centers to help it gain control of the last-mile delivery process. Analysts estimate that the location of these fulfillment centers, which may be larger than one million square feet (as big as 28 football fields) bring the company within 20 miles of 31% of the country’s population and within 20 miles of 50% to 65% of its core same-day addressable market. This might be small at first but soon the powers of compound growth take over and your investment can become tremendously valuable. But what few people realize is that Teslaa€™s next technological wonder could easily put it to shame.
But not in this island paradisea€¦Here, there are no personal or corporate income taxes and no capital gains tax. Furthermore, the present dividend yield is only 1.3% so dividend investors are unlikely to be interested in this stock either, for obvious purposes.
This should be your first step as it illustrates that Starbuck's dividend is very safe at these levels especially considering that earnings grew by almost $700 million in 2015 whereas dividends only increased by around $145 million. Furthermore, the share price dropped 53% in 2008 so we are definitely not dealing with a recession proof stock here. It knows it has huge amounts of customers who have no problem paying  premium prices and the premium initiative will attempt to get more out of their pockets.
You are getting far more income this way plus the opportunity to load up on the stock at a cheaper price. Selling the $57.50 January 2017 put option makes sense for investors who are conscious of downside risk.
Neither Amigobulls, nor any members of its staff hold positions in any of the stocks discussed in this post.
Thanks to the company’s warehousing and logistics prowess and its virtually untouchable industry foothold, AMZN stock should continue to reward investors, while the broader retail sector struggles.

However, at $665.00 per share, is the stock offering a great opportunity or is it stretched thin?
This gives Amazon almost four more weeks of rapid, revenue-generating sales from happy, on-the-go shoppers. Those who dumped their stock at the beginning of 2015 lost out on a chance to more than double their money. The key is to start investing now, make low-risk investment choices and let time take over. Ita€™s why Warren Buffett, John Paulson and many other billionaires have been rumored to stash their cash here. Nevertheless, the stock has been on the rampage since 2009 and with the Fed maintaining its dovish stance, I don't foresee a recession in the US in the near future. Well, there is major scope for more units (such as drive thru's, smaller express stores and beverage trucks) and more menu listings but the main reason is that Starbucks's numbers of late have been excellent compared to the general restaurant and retailing industries.
The strategy definitely makes sense for the investor who likes Starbucks fundamentals but is worried it may be overvalued. Amigobulls has not verified the author’s positions in the stocks discussed, and does not provide any guarantees in this regard.
So, before this stock moves any higher, read our latest report for all the details:A Click here for the full story. Let's first understand why by going through the fundamentals and then explain how you can boost your annual yield over the next 12 months.
In fact, if the S&P500 breaks out to new highs, Starbucks stock should outperform as it has done so since 2009. Yes, earnings could fall in a recession but investors should remember that the company's brand is much stronger now than in 2008 which should keep profits elevated. The author may be paid by Amigobulls for this contribution, under the paid contributors program. However, Amigobulls does not guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of the information provided by the author in this post.The author may not be a qualified investment advisor. However, a handful of companies have bucked the trend to report a steady expansion in RoE over the past five years. Get Daily Slideshow newsletterDaily Slideshow Newsletter is the way to get the best picture shows of the day in your inbox.Subscribe nowSLIDESHOW HOMEPICS FOR HOMEVIDEO SLOT SLIDESHOW HOMEREPLAYDid you like "" slideshow?
Natural rubber prices have been muted due to weakness in crude oil price, a slowdown in automobile demand in China and oversupply of inventory. As the largest tyre manufacture in the country with a diversified product mix and superior product quality, MRF is well positioned to benefit from expected improvement in both the OEM segment and replacement demand. Tushar Pendharkar, Equity Strategist at Right Horizons, says, "Positive business outlook, incumbent position in tyre industry, uptick in Indian automobile segment and strong financials justifies current multiples." Great Eastern Shipping The country's largest private shipping house has been reporting stable numbers despite uncertainty in the industry because of timely purchase and sale of vessels, balanced fleet composition and modest borrowing compared to aggressive peers. Its presence in the high margin offshore segment will provide it revenue visibility going ahead, reducing volatility in revenues and cushioning its earnings. The firm recently took delivery of a medium range product tanker and is considering intake of three dry bulk carriers by 2018, which will take its total fleet size to 35.
Bharat Chhoda, Analyst at ICICI Direct, says, "We believe GE Shipping would continue its consistent performance on the back of a diversified fleet profile." UPL A diversified portfolio and wide geographical presence has helped UPL maintain healthy numbers despite muted agri-commodity prices, unfavourable weather conditions and volatile currencies.
The shift in product mix towards branded, higher manufacturing efficiency and lower input cost led by lower crude price has helped the firm's gross margin expand. Satish Mishra, Analyst, HDFC Securities, says, "The focus on branding, new launches, consolidation and increasing innovation turnover index from 5% to 15% in the next three years will lead to further rerating in the stock." Motherson Sumi The overhang of the Volkswagen emissions scandal stills weighs on the stock, given that the troubled automaker accounts for more than 40% of its revenues.
The stock price has tanked by 37% since August last year, even as the management strives to reduce concentration risk.
Nishit Zota, Analyst, ICICI Direct, says, "With MSL's competence in turning around businesses evident from the success of its European subsidiaries, the management's focus on RoCE augurs well." Bharti Infratel The consolidation in the telecom space is expected to benefit India's largest tower player in the long-term as inefficient players get weeded out, leaving more room for efficient telcos. Strong growth in data volumes is expected to fuel tenancies on the company's network, boosting rentals.

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