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Money in a stocks and shares ISA has the potential to grow considerably while remaining free of tax. Stocks and shares ISAs are confusingly named, given that they can hold almost any investment except cash.
When it comes to shares, you are only allowed to invest in companies that are listed on what is known as a recognised stock exchange.

While you are only allowed to put half of your yearly ISA allowance in cash, you can put your entire limit, up to the current maximum of £11,880, into a stocks and shares ISA. That said, the yield you get from fixed income (bonds) and other investments is paid as interest and doesn’t incur this tax. You also cannot avoid the 0.5 per cent stamp duty that is levied on all share or fund purchases.
As with a cash ISA, you take your money out of a stocks and shares ISA whenever you want, although, if you do so, you are still regarded as having used up that part of your allowance for the tax year.
Switching your ISAs to a different manager, as with a cash ISA, must be done by asking your current provider to transfer it to the new manager because you can’t do it yourself. While cash ISAs are offered by all good banks and building societies, stocks and shares ISAs are available from a wider range of providers. Fund supermarkets such as those provided by Bestinvest, Charles Stanley Direct, Fidelity and Hargreaves Lansdown provide easy access to a cornucopia of different investments within the same wrapper. Online share dealing services, such as those of Halifax Share Dealing, Interactive Investor, iWeb and TD Direct now also offer access to funds as well as shares. You have to wonder what this government, or perhaps this chancellor, has against landlords.
Getting started in the stock market is easier than you think, and you can be as cautious or adventurous as you like. Darius McDermott, managing director at Chelsea Financial Services, has disclosed the funds he believes are most capable of protecting investors in the event of the UK voting to leave the EU next week.
In recent years, a growing number of people looking to supplement their incomes have turned to property investment and let the premises to tenants to provide rental income. However, from 1 July 2014 the annual ISA allowance will be increased to £15,000 and you will be able to put as much as you like either in cash or stocks and shares, as well as transferring freely from one to the other.
If you are a higher or additional rate income tax payer, you will still benefit from receiving your dividends within an ISA because you won't have to pay any extra tax on them, but if you pay tax at the basic rate, there will be no advantage to the ISA wrapper at least as far as dividends are concerned. Finally, ISAs are not free from inheritance tax: when you die, they are treated as part of your estate.

They cannot refuse to transfer, but they might levy exit fees, usually about £25 for every fund or share you hold. You can still invest through your bank, but this isn't usually the best option as the investment choice can be restricted and the costs uncompetitive.
The number of different investments you can hold within a self-select ISA is constrained only by the ISA allowance and the minimum investment levels of whatever you are investing in.
This has brought them into direct competition with fund supermarkets, and sometimes they can offer a cheaper deal depending on how much you have to invest and how much you trade. There cannot be any question mark as to how the government views property ownership in general, so it must be something specific in relation to the ownership of second properties that are let. It’s a tangible asset, for one thing, but the rental yield and capital returns on offer have been tremendous. Shares listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) can also be included following a rule change in 2013. Unlike with cash ISAs, the process can be long-winded and the costs considerable, so remember to check with your prospective manager what the switching costs are before signing up. You'd generally be better off opting for a fund supermarket, share dealing service or even going direct to investment providers. Most platforms will also allow you to keep your money in cash for a limited amount of time if you want to wait for a better investment opportunity. Shop around as much as you can for the best deal but remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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