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Walt Disney is an amazing company with an incredible stock; one that is arguably a prime candidate for a long term investment option. Going all the way back to the beginning of the stock's availability in 1978; it has historically been a great option for growth. Our goal here at CNA Finance is to provide our readers with valued insights and opinions on market events and the stories that surround them.
Oil Falls For The 5th Straight DayOil has been having an incredibly rough time in the market as of late. Today, we'll talk a bit about Walt Disney's history, why it's a great stock for now, and why DIS is incredibly likely to produce long term gains.
Why is it that investors are so convinced that this company will continue to grow that we've seen massive increases in its value throughout its history?

While the stock does drop in times of economic recession, it tends to not only hold its value better than many other options, but recovery faster. Well, because DIS has proven time and time again, not only their ability to be profitable, but their ability to increase their profits.
With more and more talent joining the DIS team, and innovation in imaginative thinking covered, I think that Walt Disney is likely to maintain its monopoly over the human imagination; and that is likely to continue to be incredibly profitable!
Through telling amazing stories and captivating the imaginations of children and adults alike; Disney has done something that no other company has done, nor seems to be able to do today. Now to this day, these people probably get a bit of a warm feeling when they see an old cartoon come on.
We saw examples of this in 1999, 2002, and 2009; all major dips in the stock have had to do with poor worldwide economic conditions.

The bottom line is that the company's figurative monopoly on the childhood imagination almost guarantees success now and later. To make things even better, Disney theme parks have done an incredible job of inserting people into a very cartoon-ish atmosphere; bringing out the inner child in just about everyone that visits one of the parks.
That's a time when all stocks fall; and believe it or not, DIS held its value in these times much better than many other options on the market.
Now, there is no arguing that Disney has more competition now than they did when they began; however, as mentioned above, no one has ever, even to this day, been able to captivate people young and old like Disney has.

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